Apr. 10th, 2012

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M-san started working recently. In my mind, he'd be
 so busy with work that we wouldn't have time to talk and my heart would break missing him and blah blah blah, but he's called me every day during his lunch break, so I haven't really had a chance to miss him. I want to miss him though. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder,"  or whatever the saying is, right?Photobucket

We wanted to relax, so we decided to go to a park and have a little picnicPhotobucket 
After our picnic, we began to walk around and discovered a bunch of walking trails and even a canoe ramp. We ended up renting a canoe for four hours and it only cost us $17.50 each! It was pretty fun, even though I was scared out of my mind. 
PhotobucketThe renter had told us that there were alligators in the water but I laughed it off, not expecting to actually see any...But once we were out in the water, we came close to four of them! Of course I started freaking out while M-san decided to try and follow them in the canoe. And then he decided to stand up in the canoe and would rock it at random times!! 
I seriously almost criedPhotobucket 
Once we were out of the "Alligator Zone " though, we encountered many different kinds of birds neither of us had ever seen before.
 At the end of our canoe ride, just as we were getting out, M-san laughs and says, "That was pretty good! For your first time canoeing, anyway."  Honestly, fears of being consumed by alligators and giant insects aside, it was a good experience--again, another first experience with him. Every time I'm out with him I end up trying something totally new and invigoratingPhotobucket 

I really need to start planning the New York trip. I'm supposed to leave in two weeks, but I haven't gotten tickets or a hotel or anything like that. R-san already bought his plane ticket, but he didn't think to buy a ticket+hotel combo, so he's keeping an eye out for good rates too. Usually, I like to have all my travel plans confirmed at least three weeks before I go...but I seriously just don't have the energy! My social life has suddenly picked up and I don't think my body is used to it just yet. 

How early do you make your travel plans? Are you a "Leave it for the last minute" person or a "I want to get it all out of the way" person?  




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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