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Today, I decided to tackle my closet today. If you simply open my closet, you'd think it was fairly organized: Shoes in place, clothes neatly hung and four plastic containers used for the storage of random items. 

Those. Containers. Are. A. Disaster. 

Cleaning the closet usually involved opening those containers and shoving in whatever fit. Today, I finally decided to hold my breath and open each one to see what exactly I had forgotten all about. What did I find? Only one of my favorite movies of all time! 

フレンズ / 프렌즈
(Friends 2002, Starring Won Bin and Fukada Kyoko)

Of course, I forgot all about finishing up the closet. As fast as I possibly could, I grabbed a bag of grapes, popped the DVD in to my DVD player and curled up on the couch to watch it. Despite it having aired in 2002 (10 years ago. Oh my goodness, I feel old.) and me having seen tons of movies in that time period, I can still say that I love love love love this movie! 

Part of the charm is that there is nothing fake about this movie aside from it being...well, fake.This movie doesn't hit close to home for me. It hits home right on the roof! Take and I met under similar circumstances--a local giving a tourist with a problem a much needed hand. Much like the relationship between these two characters, our relationship began to blossom through emails and an entire year went by before we could finally be together. I watch Kyoko's character in this film and always find myself thinking: Girl, I get you. 

Every girl wants that like-in-the-movies romance and happy ending. This movie gave me that.

Of course, after watching the movie, I was forced to whip out my photo albums and take a walk down memory lane. Not gonna lie. I miss him.





"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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