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We took a trip to a Spanish-style garden, where they had this gorgeous bell tower. It's a shame we didn't think to pack a bentou because the weather was just perfect for a picnic! We spent the day walking around the garden, feeding fish and chasing squirrels. It would have been nice to go in to the tower, but it turns out you have to have a kind of membership in order to enter, and the membership was too expensive, so we just enjoyed it from the outside. Every half-hour, the bells would ring and play a different Christmas melody. It was quite cute! 
It was built by the Dutch sometime during the 1920's in honor of the guy who had wanted to create the park in the first place. 

M and I had our first major issue, which involved me just walking away for almost two hours and not talking to him for some time after that. When I did finally talk to tell him why I had gotten angry, he only snickered and said "Oh okay," which made me mad all over again.....
Sometimes it's like talking to a wall, honestly. 
A friend of mine who is very in to gyaru, gave me a reddish-brownish wig as an early birthday present. Before we went out today, I put it on for her so she could see how it turned out and I was surprised at the difference. It really made me miss having chemically straightened hair as opposed to this wavy mess I now have. When my hair is straightened, it actually looks very much like the wig, give or take a few inches. Anyway, I think I'll be taking the wig and wearing it around Tokyo during my last few weeks of freedom before I before I begin working! Unless I start straightening my hair on a daily basis again.... I don't really want to do that though because I don't want to damage my hair. I need it to grow out so that my waves aren't so poofy....

Speaking of birthdays, mine is less than 10 days away and I've finally decided that I really don't want to do anything. I won't even buy myself a gift. Instead I'm going to save the money for my trip to Kawagoe (川越市) in Saitama.
I had gone once before, but at the time, I couldn't appreciate how beautiful historical settings were. I love going to places that make me feel like I've stepped back in time. I'd rather spoil myself in Kawagoe than spoil myself here =) I wonder if it's as nice as everyone says.


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I was packing my suitcase and I found my old camera! Back in March, I accidently got some sand in to the lense and the camera stopped working, but yesterday, I went to turn it on for old time's sake, and it worked! It's already an old 12 mega-pixel camera, but I've had so many adventures with it that I feel I can't just throw it away so easily. 
PhotobucketNikon 1 J1 Red
But....I've also been eyeing a certain Nikon camera for a while now, but it's still 45000円 and only 10 megapixels, which is less than what my camera now is... But this camera is still a best seller, so despite the low MPX it must be good....  Maybe when I finally reach my goal weight, I'll buy this for myself! 

I went to a haunted house event with my friend and it was really fun! I screamed alot, my throat started hurting and now I've lost my voice but I feel satisfied, lol. We didn't have time to go in to all six houses, but the three that we went to were fairly scary, so we didn't mind that we didn't get to see everything. I had wanted to take a lot of pictures, but I was always running from some kind of zombie or monster, so I couldn't really take any pictures (Unless you include all the blurs and finger shots! lol)  
友達と一緒にお化け屋敷へ行って来て、すごく楽しかったです!悲鳴を上げ過ぎて、喉が痛く、声が出せないんですけど、満足な気持ちがあります(笑) 全部の6軒のお化け屋敷に入るには時間が足りませんでした。でも、3軒の入った場所はかなり怖かったので、全部のお化け屋敷に入られなくても気になりません。たくさん写真を撮りたかったけど、いつもお化けから逃げていたし、写真が撮れませんでした(笑)

Before the event started, we got to preview the Christmas event. The event starts next month and lasts until December, so I probably have time to visit it before I go back to Japan soon!

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 There are so many things to write about but no time to do it in. It's already October and I still have to write about events from September汗

M and I headed to Orlando to see THE BLUE MAN GROUPWハートI've been wanting to see this show for a while, so I'm really happy we were finally able to catch it上げ上げ We also ended up upgrading our tickets so that we could have a chance to meet the performersにこ The show was only about two hours long, but it was insanely funビックリ If given the chance, I would definitely go see it again音符




On Saturday, I'm going to a Haunted House with my friendおばけ。 I've never been to one, so I'm pretty excited but at the same time, I'm hoping it's not too scary笑 When I imagine an American Haunted House, I don't think of ghosts. I think of monsters and murderers and psychosダッシュダッシュダッシュダッシュダッシュ

If you don't hear from me within a week, I'm definitely deadががん



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So, my vacation with Kazu and Sho turned out pretty okay. My attempt to get to know Sho better failed. I did talk to him quite a bit and he was nice, but he wasn't exactly always there. He was usually in his own little bubble or busy watching girls. On one day, he spent three hours going in and out of a restaraunt to "use the bathroom" because he was interested in one of the women working there. Kazu and I joked about it and would wish him good luck and tell him to keep trying until he got her name and number, but it was mostly just to get him to stay over there because we got tired of him going back and forward, back and forward, inturrupting our conversation with updates on his progress--or lack of.I spend plenty of time catching up with Kazu though, and we discussed our next vacation! We decided we wanted to go to somewhere tropical.

Aside from losing weight, he hasn't really changed. He was still the goofy big brother-like person I remember. We spent a lot of time talking about stupid things and making fun of each other. For instance, even though he's the older one, he was totally freaked out by a roller coaster I forced him on to and he felt so sick after that I ended up having to buy him an ice cream to calm his stomach. Of course, I made fun of him for that all day!

This guy kept trying to talk to me in one of the lines, so I would answer back in Japanese. I figured that even though I didn't look Asian, the guys I was with obviously were, and he would just assume I didn't speak English. Just my luck, he ended up getting on in our row on a ride and sat right next to me. So I just kept screaming on the ride like I was scared even though it wasn't bad at all. 
We got tired of going through all the pictures, since we had so many good ones, so I decided on only eight for now. I like how they came out, even though they show that more weight loss needs to take place before December. 

I'll probably go through them all again when I have more time and post some others, but for now, this is all. I wanted to save some of Sho and me, but Kazu deemed it necessary to stick his finger in to every shot he took. In other words, no decent pictures of Sho and me. 

I'm thinking I should call Mugen* sometime soon. I chatted with him briefly a few days ago to ask him for advice on Kazu's missing passport issue, but aside from that and our few facebook messages, I haven't had a chance to really talk to him in almost two weeks....and I did say I would be the one to call him... but lately, I feel like I'm always chasing him. 

Ugh. I guess I'll call him this weekend. I know he's busy through-out the week. 
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It's only noon and I'm already itching for the day to end. I found out my sister is engaged--through someone else. I'm not jealous or anything. I'm just really annoyed that I had to find out through a third person. When I tell family that my sister and I don't speak, they always look at me in shock and ask why we don't. She's the one blocking me out, and although I don't care anymore, it is really annoying that people keep acting as though it's my fault. Everyone tells me to invite her to visit me in Osaka...But my sister won't even invite me to her place in Hawaii while I'm in the US. What makes them think she'll want to spend time with me across the globe? 

Anyway, after I finished ranting to my BFF about that, I logged on to livejournal to catch up with people who actually matter, and I see that apparently, I was over my bandwitdth limit with photobucket, and everything was basically gone. I paid for more bandwidth for just this month, since it resets itself on the 22nd of this month. It's  funny how much this account has come to mean to me. My heart nearly dropped when I saw everything was down. 

Where do you store pictures and such? 


It was far less rushed than our first few days. 


Our day started off at Hard Rock. R had known about Hard Rock--the museum--but hadn't known that it was actually a cafe, so as soon as I told him, he decided we'd eat there. He ordered this huge burger ( I swear it was a full cow!), I ordered salmon and vegetables, and we split Nachos and desert. We ended up getting so full that we actually didn't eat anything else the entire day. The waiter we had kept crowding us, coming back every few minutes to ask if we needed anything else. He'd show up after what felt like every three bites. It kind of made it a little hard for R and I to have any real conversation.....

He told us he was bored and needed something to do every time he came back. You know, had I ever said "I'm bored," at my old job, my boss would have found so many things for me to do, I would have dropped from exhaustion. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that Hard Rock Cafe's salmon is the best salmon ever in existence. Having lived in Sitka, where the economy was run by Salmon fishing, I've had my fair share of fish, so I can confidently say this fish takes the cake. Go out. Buy it. Eat it. Enjoy it. I enjoyed it so much I could barely walk after we finished eating, so R dragged me off to see the Chelsea Market. We regretted getting so full at Hard Rock because there were so many delicious things to eat there. I told R I didn't care about gaining weight and that I could easily tackle that Elmo cake as long as I had a bit of milk, but in all honesty, I couldn't eat another bite without knowing I'd pop. 
Being our last day in New York, we wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary, so R said we'd go to Blue Note, which is apparently a famous jazz club for Japanese people. The music and drinks were amazing. R told me he thought I was beautiful and kept asking me if I wanted another drink as soon as I finished one. I worried he would try to take things to the next level (which I didn't want) but surprisingly, he was a complete gentleman through and through. 

New York was so much fun! R kept saying he'd love to live there. I loved it too, but I know that if I were to move there, I'd grow to hate it. We plan on going back again sometime in the future. This time however, we'd like to go during the summer so we can hit Coney Island.

Oh, I woke up this morning to work out. When I turned my TV on, one of my favorite TV shows was on. I won't say what show it was or what it was about. I'll only leave you with an image. I'm sure you'll figure it out =) 

Boy Meets World Pictures, Images and Photos
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Every time someone hears that I blog on Livejournal, they roll their eyes and say "Well, whenever you feel like blogging seriously, join blogger." What exactly is "blogging seriously," anyway? Blogging for fame? I don't get it. In any case, it reminded me that I really want a new layout....


Even though I told her to take the day to go out and spend time with my dad for Mother's day, she still came back to bring me food, thinking I'd starve here on my own. The beauty of it? The "food" is actually just a bunch of cakes, puddings, and cookies. She knows I'm on a diet. I know she knows. That's why she had that grin on her face as she handed me the tray. I see what you did there mom. I see it. I ended up eating the rice pudding and a piece of cake. They were so good! 

I need to learn how to add videos to my posts There has to be a less annoying way than uploading to youtube first.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! 

1 Hour cardio: Alternating between hill walks and running. 
30 Minute Muscle training 
20 Minutes Yoga. 

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Tomorrow is Mother's day, so I decided that today, while my mother was out getting her hair done, I'd clean the entire house. It was a lot more work than I had expected it to be...But in the end it was very worth it. The house looks great! Tomorrow, mom and dad will go out together and I'll stay home doing something or other. Mom wanted me to spend the day with her since I've been out of the country for the past few Mother's days, but I really want my parents to finally have a Mother's day on their own to go do couple-stuff. 

I gave mom her present early. My mom loves Disney, so I've always made sure to give her different Disney items for Mother's day. Last year, I gave her a Minnie/Mickey mug set (Which she still hasn't used! She only puts them on her collection shelf!). This year, I got her a Lion King snow globe. 


I saw the globe when R and I went to see the Lion King Broadway musical while in New York, although I had thought it was perfect for my mom, I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to actually buy it, since it was $30.00. In the end, R convinced me to buy it and he seemed pretty proud when I told him how happy mom was with it. 

So. Broadway. R had been dying to see a show on Broadway and I had been dying to see the Lion King, so we got tickets as soon as we could. Each ticket was $145.00. R ended up paying for the tickets with his card, but I ended up giving him cash later. He used the cash to then take me to dinner, so I guess I still owe him?The show, for the most part, was pretty enjoyable. I had been excited to get seats so close to the stage. However, the woman in front of me was wearing this hideously large hat that blocked quite a bit of my view of the left side of the stage. Grrr.....! R offered to switch seats with me, but I didn't want him to miss out. Anyway, it was still pretty great. The music was AMAZING. 

Before going to Broadway, we went to Little Italy! By now, R was confident enough in his English to do all the ordering and such himself! 
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DAY 3:  


We went to the World Trade Center memorial Park. They weren't done building the 1WTC, but it was still pretty enough! The museum wasn't done either but they had different things recovered from Ground Zero in the gift shop. 

There were so many people there, but it was so quiet. The loudest sound was the sound of the waterfalls...

After visiting 1WTC, we went to Century 21. When I saw the entrance to the store, I got excited because it looked so cool, but when I went in, I was actually pretty disappointed. The store was very big, but it was also very crowded, stuffy, the staff was rude, the clothes looked like things out of a flea market, and everything was way over priced. While R shopped around, I left and went to go get Pizza, then Starbucks, then sat outside for about an hour waiting. 

We walked around a bit, did some more shopping and sight seeing....

........and then headed back to Brooklyn to see the amazing night view of the city. We also went to a bar in R's guide book, ate, and got a little tipsy. We ended up drinking about $100.00 worth of drinks. 

In other news, something weird happened today. I've been using the same face wash for the past two months and it's been working just fine. Today, after washing my face, I suddenly started breaking out! Looking now, there are about 12 spots. They don't itch or burn or anything but ugh....I don't want to look at my face. Maybe it's time to switch my face wash. 

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DAY 2:


 We went to have breakfast at the Oyster bar. Eating seafood for breakfast is a bit odd, but R-san had been dying to eat oysters for the longest time, so we went to a popular restaurant in Grand Central Station. We got too excited and ordered way too much food! We struggled through it but couldn't finish. We got Clam Chowder, a  10 piece Oyster set and salmon with eggs. 

After eating, we decided to go for a walk through central park. Even though it was a little chilly, it was still really nice! There were a lot of people. We also took some time to lay in the grass and relax! The minute we reached central park, memories of my childhood came back to me! It was such a great feeling. I remembered places I had played, places I had gotten hurt.....  The last time I had played at the park, I had been 6 years old... now, I'm 23. 

Next, we went to Times Square! We walked the streets a bit, grabbed a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday, then went to Toy's R Us. Even though we're both adults, we played with all the toys... There were so many things we wanted to buy, but of course, we couldn't. Still, it felt so nice to be a kid again!

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I'm finally back from New York and feeling completely exhausted. I'm going to wait until Monday before I tackle the list of things I need to do. An excessive amount of pictures were taken during this trip, and unfortunately, all of them are excellent. On my cellphone alone, I have 100 pictures. Between the three other memory cards, maybe 100 more. Ugh. What was I thinking?! 
I'll get everything up and posted asap. 

Starting today, I need to get back on my exercise regimen. R-san had us eating just about everything he spotted. I'm not so worried about how much weight I put on, but I AM bothered by how my body feels. I feel so sluggish and blah. 

Anyway, the trip was amazingly fun! All the things I worried about before leaving, such as the language barrier between R-san and I, and our sharing a bed, turned out to be no problem at all. In fact, the biggest problem that occurred while I was away was when M-san called, found out I was with R-san, then basically told me I needed to just sleep with R-san because apparently, it's in my nature to sleep around. Wow. For the first time since we've known each other, I hung up on him. R-san was a real sport about it though, and offered to share his Welch's candy with me. His way of sharing was too cute. 

Me: Ugh. I don't get his deal.
Him: Some guys just can't share.
Me: You mean most guys can't share.
Him: I mean some. I can share, definitely. Here, have a piece of candy.  

I've only been gone a week and I came back to find out that mom has a small part-time job (It will only last 3 months, but I'm happy for her since she's never worked in her life) and dad found work as well. Now I don't feel as bad about taking off in December. 

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You know those girls who stare in the mirror and see themselves as ugly fat women, no matter how thin they actually are? It dawned on me today that I might be becoming one. Today I tried on--and finally fit in to--a dress I had bought months ago. I had fallen in love with it the minute I saw it, so I bought it, despite it being several sizes too small. I told myself that I'd lose weight, fit in to it, and be the happiest person alive. Today, I should have been that happiest person alive. I was able to slip in to the dress and zip it up without a struggle. I had finally achieved my goal. The first thing to cross my mind however, as I stared at myself in the new dress was "God, I need to lose more weight." 

Now, I'm the first person to admit I need to lose weight. But I'm so disappointed that instead of enjoying the accomplishment of my first goal, that was all I could think about.  

PhotobucketNow that I've lost weight, not only can I comfortably fit back in to the clothes I brought with me, but I also have a lot of old clothes that are so big, I'm able to cut and stitch and wear in different fashions.  So, I've started looking at magazines again to see how I want to re-work all these old pieces.  The sewing machine is out and ready to go! I've never done anything like this before, so I'm interested in seeing how things turn out. 

It disappoints me that most of the styles I absolutely love require heels. By American standards, I'm short. By Japanese standards, I'm tall. Whenever I wear heels, I'm the same height (give or take a few inches) as a lot of my friends, and they hate that... so I've been trying to work them out of my wardrobe. 

When the boys are happy, I am happy. They do after all buy me nice things, feed me and take me on trips. Oh goodness, am I really a call-girl like that one person said?! 

PhotobucketI managed to pack everything I need for New York in to this little travel bag, and I still have room left over. I packed: 
★ 4 outfits with interchangeable pieces, totaling out to 16 different combinations. 
★ I set of PJ's. 
★ Hair iron. 
★ 4 pairs socks/undergarments.
★ Brush, Make up, toiletries.
★ Sunglasses .

I'll also have a second purse with my wallet and camera and things like that. Does it look like I'm missing anything? Since I always pack way more than I usually need, I'm looking at this list and keep thinking that I'm forgetting some important things. Of course I'm going to unpack and re-pack since I still have time, but I want to make sure everything is perfect. I wanna save all my money for omiyage! 

I'm feeling kind of nervous about meeting with R-san! Like I said, we've actually hung out together without anyone else being around, and now we'll be sharing a hotel room for about a week. 

I spoke to K-san about our August trip. It's going to be a three day trip. I don't feel like running around for three days, so I'm thinking I'll try to find some place that will take us three days to explore. I need to start looking at hotel rates, car rental rates...ect. Hm, I wonder why I always get stuck planning these little excursions? I've already won K-san's love and affection, so I'm more focused on what S-san wants to do during this trip. He likes historical places, New York, and Russia. Hm...I've never been to Russia....

Speaking of trips...I was originally supposed to go back to Osaka in December, but now I'm thinking about going back sooner. I found out my brother will be coming down to FL for the summer. I think I've mentioned it before, but I have a horrible relationship with my brother and sister. Basically, they don't acknowledge my existence. My siblings and I were never particularly close but my moving to Japan made us grow even further apart. The final blow was when I went to Alaska and snapped at my sister over her drug use that everyone seemed to be ignoring. My brother, being close to my sister, took her side. They talked to me for a while after the big Earthquake and Tsunami, but a few months after that, I guess they brushed me off again. 
Because they are both the babies of the family, whenever any of them are around, I'm automatically the evil child. Things get intense. I was really looking forward to more time with my parents but...I don't know if I'm going to stick around.  
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AP RIL 29 - MAY 3:: NEW YORK   

 I told R -san that there was a chance I wouldn't be able to go to NY with him because of how expensive it was becoming. He then said that I absolutely had to go, and that he'd pay for the hotel. I thought he was kidding at first, but I found out last night he really did book us a hotel in Brooklyn, so it looks like I'm definitely going. I can't wait! My only concern is what to tell M-san. My going to NY isn't a problem. My going to NY with another guy might be. There are no romantic feelings between R-san and I, but I know M-san well enough to know that he'll think something's going on. Ugh... I'll just buy him a nice omiyage or something to distract him. 

I took these pictures the other day (please ignore my sloppy appearance. I took these after a run. lol)  so that I'll have something to compare my future appearance to in the future. I'm not at the size I want to be yet, but I'm not entirely unhappy with the size I am now. On the contrary, I look at these pictures and I feel so proud that I'm even at this size, seeing as I started at 90kg. I'm doing good BUT WHY DO MY LEGS HAVE TO BE SO SHORT?! 

AnywayI was woken up at around 7:30 by a call from M-san, wanting to discuss Free Trade Agreements between countries. What a beautiful way to start the day eh?PhotobucketAfter the conversation, though, I felt amazingly awake and recharged and I did something I never thought I'd actually do: I called two medical institutes and arranged a meeting at each. If things go according to plan, I'll start studying Medical Administration. Now, I've never had an intense passion for this kind of thing, but I've always wondered whether or not I could cut it in something like this.  Thinking about it, accomplishing this would allow me to get a better job, which would allow me to save enough money to go back to school and finish a degree I never got a chance to finish. I don't want to get too excited over this since I haven't made a final decision, but calling and setting up those meetings made me feel like I was taking a step in the right direction.
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M-san started working recently. In my mind, he'd be
 so busy with work that we wouldn't have time to talk and my heart would break missing him and blah blah blah, but he's called me every day during his lunch break, so I haven't really had a chance to miss him. I want to miss him though. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder,"  or whatever the saying is, right?Photobucket

We wanted to relax, so we decided to go to a park and have a little picnicPhotobucket 
After our picnic, we began to walk around and discovered a bunch of walking trails and even a canoe ramp. We ended up renting a canoe for four hours and it only cost us $17.50 each! It was pretty fun, even though I was scared out of my mind. 
PhotobucketThe renter had told us that there were alligators in the water but I laughed it off, not expecting to actually see any...But once we were out in the water, we came close to four of them! Of course I started freaking out while M-san decided to try and follow them in the canoe. And then he decided to stand up in the canoe and would rock it at random times!! 
I seriously almost criedPhotobucket 
Once we were out of the "Alligator Zone " though, we encountered many different kinds of birds neither of us had ever seen before.
 At the end of our canoe ride, just as we were getting out, M-san laughs and says, "That was pretty good! For your first time canoeing, anyway."  Honestly, fears of being consumed by alligators and giant insects aside, it was a good experience--again, another first experience with him. Every time I'm out with him I end up trying something totally new and invigoratingPhotobucket 

I really need to start planning the New York trip. I'm supposed to leave in two weeks, but I haven't gotten tickets or a hotel or anything like that. R-san already bought his plane ticket, but he didn't think to buy a ticket+hotel combo, so he's keeping an eye out for good rates too. Usually, I like to have all my travel plans confirmed at least three weeks before I go...but I seriously just don't have the energy! My social life has suddenly picked up and I don't think my body is used to it just yet. 

How early do you make your travel plans? Are you a "Leave it for the last minute" person or a "I want to get it all out of the way" person?  
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I just finished LOL-ing to a message I found in my inbox when I logged in a bit ago, in which someone asked me if I was some kind of Call girl specializing in Asian men. I mean...REALLY??!? Yes, I'm always writing about some Asian guy but that is because 90% of my friends are Asian guys. Maybe I should have been offended, but instead, I'm amused. Maybe I'm more like an escort? My friends call me up and say "Zia, come with me to so and so place!" and I usually follow.....

In any case, I'm definitely not a Call girl (苦笑). 

Anyway, I might be going somewhere for a few days at the end of this month. Where? 


A friend of mine has been feeling rather bored and trapped with his life lately, and decided to go to New York in order to clear his mind. He said he'd like to meet me there if it was possible. I can't afford to stay for the entire time he's there but I'm going to attempt to swing by for a day or two. Still looking at hotel prices. Anyone know of any cheap but decent places to stay? 

(R-san--the one in the middle--is  the one I will be meeting in NY.
T-san on the far right there, can not make it, unfortunately.)

If we do end up meeting up, I imagine it'll be interesting. We've never hung out without T-san being there to serve as a kind of translator why my Japanese or R-san's English turns to mush. I also still have to let M-san know. He and I aren't dating, but he always notifies me whenever he'll be gone travelling, who he's going with and for how long. It's only fair for me to do the same, right? 


I also went to the market and negotiated a better price on a tea I had been interested in trying for some time now.
I still 
have a few packs of Organic coffee to get through before I open this one but I'm looking forward to seeing if it's as good as my friends promise.

Teas that are labeled as Detox te
as always catch my attention because I wonder if they actually work. Maybe it's because I drink so much tea that they've become ineffective but whenever I try a "detox tea," I never really feel any change. This one has been given five stars by people who have purchased it before and comments say that the taste is quite unique. Lets see if this one actually does what it says!

If you have any tea recommendations, feel free to share! I go through tea on a bi-weekly basis, so if you recommend something, I will most definitely get around to trying it 
It doesn't have to be tea with a specific function such as for losing weight, detoxing or improving circulation. Teas like this make me curious, but I love tea in general

I'm also in desperate need of new music! I'm a huge fan of Japanese Hip-hop and Korean Pop. American adult alternative is great too. 

My sleep schedule is all out of whack these days. I'm going to have to remedy this somehow. Meh, I still have two books and a magazine to catch up on...But I think I'll dance around my room for a little bit. 

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It's my first Valentines day on my own, so it doesn't really feel like anything special...But that won't stop me from wishing everyone else a Happy Valentines day =) I hope you get tons of chocolates or diamonds or whatever it is you wanted from that special someone. 

I've decided to take a break from facebook. I won't be deleting my account, but I won't be checking it for a few days. With friends posting information about their every move, I find myself not missing them at all. Despite not having seen many of them in years, I feel like I'm with them all the time and getting sick of them. I want to love my friends again. 

Speaking of friends, some of my friends are truly amazing. I needed some assistance (mainly the reading of some kanji) with some paperwork I needed to send to フェリス. It's like I can't escape this school.Without even asking me, my friend not only helped me with the form, but he called the school to confirm everything I needed to submit and paid what needed to be paid. I often hear girls say they think Japanese guys are cold....but I don't think I could ever think that. All of my friends have taken such good care of me...  I just want to tell them: 

I'm still receiving tons of forwarded mail, so I still have a lot of things to fill out, send back...ect... I leave you now with this adorable video of two boys doing an acoustic version of 君に届け。The singer is just too precious. I want to marry his voice. 

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 It really is hard to be productive when the conditions around you are so perfect for being lazy. However, that feeling you get when you realize you've finished everything and still have hours left in the day is amazing. Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as productive. After I finish everything that absolutely has to be done & the planning I need to do for my friend's visit, I want to type up and post all my journal entries I have written on paper. I haven't posted any of my real adventures since the Kyoto trip, and I really want to before I forget about them.  I also need to post all the entries about my road trip across the US a
couple months ago.... I'm so far behind! 

I started watching "Let's watch the Meteor Shower" today, which is the Chinese adaptation of Hana Yori Dango. I've been a Hana Yori Dango fan since my first year of junior high, so watching this drama, despite not being able to find it anywhere with subtitles, was an absolute must. Even with the lack of subtitles, I'm following the story quite well and am falling in love with it.


Valentines day is right around the corner. Some of my guy friends have been dropping hints but this year I've decided that I'll give chocolates to myself and no body else. I know it's perfectly acceptable to give chocolates to friends, but giving chocolates to myself this year has a special meaning for me. This year, I've really come to love and appreciate myself so much more. The love that I used to whole heartedly give to others, I will now give to myself.   I want to celebrate this feeling by confessing to....Myself. It might not make sense to most people, but it makes sense to me. 

I talked to mom and there's family drama all over the place. It seems that family from Puerto Rico has been calling her all day to find out just what happened between the two cousins that fought. One cousin called everyone in Puerto Rico to whine and complain, but the other has stayed relatively quiet about the whole situation, so the entire family is feeling rather confused. Since mom is the closest, they expect her to be in the know....But mom wants nothing to do with it. I feel like manning up for her, calling everyone and telling them to back the hell off. 

My FAIL for the day: When speaking Japanese while I'm half asleep, I tend to mix up my ぎ's and き's. Today, Yuta asked me if I needed anything. I meant to tell him I needed my うわぎ、my coat. What did I tell him I needed? うわき. Extramarital sex. 
He offered me a cookie instead. 




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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