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December. Four weeks. Four different guys. My life in Osaka is pretty ordinary. I have fun with my friends, but nothing amazing ever takes place. Yet every time I set foot in Tokyo, I find myself involved in a series of love triangles or being completely swept off my feet by a random stranger. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already completely absorbed in someone, however that someone doesn't seem to be at a point in his life where he wants to commit 100% to a relationship. He wants all the benefits and rights, but not the titles or the exclusiveness. For a while I was okay with it. I was okay just being with him. But now I'm not. The clock is ticking and though I'm not desperate to find a new love, I realize that I simply can't just sit by and wait for Mugen* to come around any more. 

So here we are, four guys, all very different in their own rights, in four weeks. But one is already standing out above the rest and I'm looking extremely forward to our date. Not only is he handsome and tall (180cm, wow!), but he's settled in his own place and has a steady job. He's already decided who he is, what he enjoys and what he wants. He knows how to have fun, yet he's somehow very calming. On top of that, he does exactly what Mugen* seems to have difficulty doing--he supports my goals and dreams. I'm not as infatuated with him as I was with Mugen* but I can easily see myself learning to love him. 

I left the details of our date to him and it seems like he'll be treating me to dinner and illumination watching in Shinjuku. I'm still trying to convince him to take me dancing in the end! 

(Pictures from two years ago) 

The last time I was here was with one of my best friends, Michaela. We sat for a long while watching all the couples since neither of us could be with our significant others. This time I'll have my chance to join those happy couples! Mugen* has some serious competition. I wonder if he even knows. With it nearing the end of the year, he's extremely busy at work. He's asked me three times now when I'm free, and though I've told him each time, he's yet to pick the days we'll meet. The boy better hurry himeself up. 
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5th Avenue & The Empire State Building.
We met at Grand Central station at around 14:00. I had seen Grand Central plenty of times before in movies, but seeing it with my own eyes made me feel as though I had somehow stepped back in time. 

I was a little worried that R-san wouldn't recognize me, since we had only hung out in person once before, for a couple of hours and I looked slightly different, but he found me quickly and we decided to get a bite to eat. He wanted to eat Oysters but the Oyster & Seafood bar had been closed by the time we got there, so we decided to head out. We eventually grabbed a hot dog and a pretzel at a little street cart while walking down 5th Avenue. 

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PhotobucketI've been debating with myself on whether or not to sit down and discuss things with M-san and finally, I've decided that it really just isn't the time. Things are busy for him since he's just started working and he's more than likely going to meet a ton of new people. Also, I still find myself comparing him to Take at times, and that really isn't fair to him at all. 

My feelings are all out of whack this time and I find myself being so hypocritical. For instance, I'll get annoyed if I check facebook and see he's been chatting with a girl. However, I expect him to have no problem what-so-ever with me taking pictures with a million different guys and going to places with them. I don't know where these kinds of feelings came from. They' definitely didn't exist with Take. He could post what he wanted with who he wanted, whenever he wanted, on Mixi and I had no issues at all....

Maybe it's because Take was already mine? I don't know. Bottom line, I've decided to kick M-san to the back seat for a little while before these feelings get out of control and/or he brings things up first. 
I really don't want us to have an awkward time together during our Winter vacation. Or...if it is awkward, I want it to be his fault and not mine!! Ha! 
EDIT: Wow. Just. Wow. About an hour after I wrote this, I got a call from M-san. We spoke about my trip to NY, in which he told me he didn't care at all if I shared a room with a guy. Then he went on to say that if he got a 950 on his next TOEIC, I needed to reward him with a vacation. Hm. I see. The reward, apparently would be to stay with me for some time. >.> 

Tomorrow, I'm off to New York to meet up with R-san!
And the first thing we're going to do is eat clam chowder and pretzels. 
We're both extremely amused by the fact that even though he's going by plane and I'm going by bus, it will take us both 10 hours to get there, and that we'll be arriving at the same estimated time of arrival, without us having coordinated it. It's fate, he says, fate! 
Anyway, the bus will obviously be making stops in several other states, which I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about. It's been a goal of mine to step foot in as many states as possible before I go home. I knocked out quite a few on the road trip with my parents, and this bus trip will give me the chance to take out a few more.

What else. Ah, yes. 
It's been great getting some one-on-one time with a lot of my boys. We've been friends for a while, but we've all always hung out in small groups. I can't believe how much I've learned. I remember writing here that all my guys were pretty much the same. Thinking about that now, I couldn't have been any farther from the truth. Maybe when together, they all act alike but apart...Each of them are amazingly different. I look forward to the rest of my "one-on-ones."

By the way. Looking at my calender, I find it interesting that one boy has plans to come every month until I go back. Hmm.................................

I ate like crazy today. I better do a lot of walking in NY!! 
Since I'm taking my phone, I'll be able to try and keep up with everyone's journals while I'm gone! If I don't manage to though, sorry!

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I got caught up in the oddest Livejournal spat today that turned in to an attack on my personal character, which had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Maybe I should have been offended or angry or whatever, but it honestly made me laugh. Whatever happened to the days where you could discuss an opinion without it becoming personal? 

Speaking of becoming personal, I spoke to R-san and T-san (R-san's best friend and my old Japanese teacher) today. R-san apologized to me and confessed that he only booked us a single room with a king-sized bed. I laughed and told him not to worry about it but inside I'm thinking...What? T-san advised be to keep a knife handy, so I promised I'd buy myself a gun to keep R-san at bay. Honestly, I don't think he'll try anything since we have a kind of sibling relationship...But...What?! 

Ugh. That depression I get when I realize I fail at life because I studied at an all girl's university and still have close to 0 female friends, is starting to hit me again.  I wonder if I needed to attend an all-boy's school in order to make friends of the female gender...Any time I complain to one of my guys about it, they laugh and tell me there are many girls right now who would die to be in the Japanese-reverse-harem I'm stuck in. I tell them to help me find these girls so that we could be friends.... But no luck yet! 

I tried on that dress again today to see if I still felt the same way about it. I still want to lose some more weight, but now I can at least appreciate the fact that I was able to finally get in to it. All I had to do was look at pictures from how I used to look and dress to shock me back! I don't think I'll be taking it to New York though, especially now that I know R-san and I will be a little closer than I expected, and will more than likely be drinking a bit.


Today, I grabbed some job applications. I made sure they were all only seasonal jobs, since I can really only work until  October, at the latest. I'm going to fill them out tomorrow and send them off. We'll see what happens after that. I really want to save up a bit more money before going back. M-san asked twice if I'd definitely be back in December, and then asked if I had ever been skiing or snowboarding in Nagano, so I'm assuming my winter plans will include another little trip. That requires money. 

Last but not least, I tried chest binding today for the first time ever in life at a lingerie shop . It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things I thought I should try before I said I didn't like it...And I don't like it. Son of Mary Christ, why would anybody ever want to do that to themselves?! I swear if it wasn't for the fact that it was hard to breath as it was, I would have cried. Not even wearing a kimono was that painful! 

Friday! Hurry up and get here! I want to go to New York!! 

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M-san started working recently. In my mind, he'd be
 so busy with work that we wouldn't have time to talk and my heart would break missing him and blah blah blah, but he's called me every day during his lunch break, so I haven't really had a chance to miss him. I want to miss him though. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder,"  or whatever the saying is, right?Photobucket

We wanted to relax, so we decided to go to a park and have a little picnicPhotobucket 
After our picnic, we began to walk around and discovered a bunch of walking trails and even a canoe ramp. We ended up renting a canoe for four hours and it only cost us $17.50 each! It was pretty fun, even though I was scared out of my mind. 
PhotobucketThe renter had told us that there were alligators in the water but I laughed it off, not expecting to actually see any...But once we were out in the water, we came close to four of them! Of course I started freaking out while M-san decided to try and follow them in the canoe. And then he decided to stand up in the canoe and would rock it at random times!! 
I seriously almost criedPhotobucket 
Once we were out of the "Alligator Zone " though, we encountered many different kinds of birds neither of us had ever seen before.
 At the end of our canoe ride, just as we were getting out, M-san laughs and says, "That was pretty good! For your first time canoeing, anyway."  Honestly, fears of being consumed by alligators and giant insects aside, it was a good experience--again, another first experience with him. Every time I'm out with him I end up trying something totally new and invigoratingPhotobucket 

I really need to start planning the New York trip. I'm supposed to leave in two weeks, but I haven't gotten tickets or a hotel or anything like that. R-san already bought his plane ticket, but he didn't think to buy a ticket+hotel combo, so he's keeping an eye out for good rates too. Usually, I like to have all my travel plans confirmed at least three weeks before I go...but I seriously just don't have the energy! My social life has suddenly picked up and I don't think my body is used to it just yet. 

How early do you make your travel plans? Are you a "Leave it for the last minute" person or a "I want to get it all out of the way" person?  
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I just finished LOL-ing to a message I found in my inbox when I logged in a bit ago, in which someone asked me if I was some kind of Call girl specializing in Asian men. I mean...REALLY??!? Yes, I'm always writing about some Asian guy but that is because 90% of my friends are Asian guys. Maybe I should have been offended, but instead, I'm amused. Maybe I'm more like an escort? My friends call me up and say "Zia, come with me to so and so place!" and I usually follow.....

In any case, I'm definitely not a Call girl (苦笑). 

Anyway, I might be going somewhere for a few days at the end of this month. Where? 


A friend of mine has been feeling rather bored and trapped with his life lately, and decided to go to New York in order to clear his mind. He said he'd like to meet me there if it was possible. I can't afford to stay for the entire time he's there but I'm going to attempt to swing by for a day or two. Still looking at hotel prices. Anyone know of any cheap but decent places to stay? 

(R-san--the one in the middle--is  the one I will be meeting in NY.
T-san on the far right there, can not make it, unfortunately.)

If we do end up meeting up, I imagine it'll be interesting. We've never hung out without T-san being there to serve as a kind of translator why my Japanese or R-san's English turns to mush. I also still have to let M-san know. He and I aren't dating, but he always notifies me whenever he'll be gone travelling, who he's going with and for how long. It's only fair for me to do the same, right? 


I also went to the market and negotiated a better price on a tea I had been interested in trying for some time now.
I still 
have a few packs of Organic coffee to get through before I open this one but I'm looking forward to seeing if it's as good as my friends promise.

Teas that are labeled as Detox te
as always catch my attention because I wonder if they actually work. Maybe it's because I drink so much tea that they've become ineffective but whenever I try a "detox tea," I never really feel any change. This one has been given five stars by people who have purchased it before and comments say that the taste is quite unique. Lets see if this one actually does what it says!

If you have any tea recommendations, feel free to share! I go through tea on a bi-weekly basis, so if you recommend something, I will most definitely get around to trying it 
It doesn't have to be tea with a specific function such as for losing weight, detoxing or improving circulation. Teas like this make me curious, but I love tea in general

I'm also in desperate need of new music! I'm a huge fan of Japanese Hip-hop and Korean Pop. American adult alternative is great too. 

My sleep schedule is all out of whack these days. I'm going to have to remedy this somehow. Meh, I still have two books and a magazine to catch up on...But I think I'll dance around my room for a little bit. 

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I started treating one of my dogs for mange. I didn't think it was mange at first, and looking at her now I'm still not entirely sure, but I've decided to try treating her with some home remedies just to be on the safe side. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this before? If you have, any advice would be great! 

I woke up early to make breakfast while M-san played with one of my dogs in the yard. Occasionally, I'd look out the window and laugh. Watching him run around was just too cute. Once I was one cooking, we ate breakfast together, changed, and headed off to Busch Gardens.
At the gate, we were told that we'd receive a free ticket for a second visit if we stopped by a different counter, so we did that and decided we'd be back the next day to finish off whatever we couldn't finish on our first day. Since the park was so crowded on the first day, we did end up using that second ticket in order to finish the park. We rode every roller coaster, watched every show, walked through every exhibit and even went on a safari ride to feed wild animals! It was so much fun!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
After the safari rid e, my allergies started acting up for the first time in a million years. I told M-san it was all his fault, because I had worn myself out trying to please him, but we both knew it was from touching all those wild animals. My eyes got so red, my nose got all stuffy, and my voice got all weird. M-san was a good sport about it though, and only made fun of me half the time and at the end of the day, he even tried to give me some of the medicine he had brought with him for the plane ride.^^;; 

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we've eliminated my fear of heights. It was done unwillingly, but it was done! Now, I'm pretty sure I can tackle buildings and rides of any heights! All thanks to M-san ignoring my screams of fear and panic. This guy...he's always forcing me in to new experiences. As he puts it, he's always going to be "My First." But I don't think I'll complain! 
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This is basically a filler post because my scanner is being a pain and won't properly scan my pictures.Images come out not only enlarged, but blurred. Gross. My dad said he'd take a look at it for me, so by my next entry, there should be plenty to share =).
In other news--INCEPTION. This movie was my life this week. Someone put an idea in to my head and that idea continued to evolve until it drove me crazy. It all began with a picture that M-san posted of us, and some comments people jokingly made about said image. And unfortunately, this all took place over FACEBOOK

I don't post things there for comments or likes. I post them there for people I love who are far away. If you don't have anything nice or relevant to say, how about not saying things at all? 

I originally joined facebook to keep in touch with my friends living in the US. But lately, everyone posts so much junk there that it's become too tiresome to filter through everything. Many of my friends are also too busy posting random junk to bother keeping up with anything else. They take pictures of every move. Every step they take. Post their every thought, no matter how odd.... 

It really is overwhelming.  

Uhm, Also, I added my Poupee marker to my sidebar! If you haven't already added me there, DO IT NOW! =D Yay! 


Photobucket As promised, I called M-san as soon as I returned from Kansai and we made plans to meet at the station near his house for some dinner and karaoke. We ate until our stomachs were full and sang until we could sing no more. Once our time was up, I thanked him for a wonderful night and gave him the usual, "We have to do this again sometime." He told me he'd take a trip to the US and visit me, but I brushed it off as small talk. As I cross the ticket gate he says to me, "Make sure you message me when you reach the hotel!" 

I message him once I'm at the airport, sitting in the lounge, eating some green tea ice cream. "I'm about to get on the plane, Thanks for everything!" I write, because I'm not sure what else to tell him. Without bothering to wait for a reply, I turn off my phone and get on the plane. 

When I arrive in Florida, I check the time. Surprisingly, I'm 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Taking out my phone, I head down to baggage
 claim and lean against a pillar, playing a game as I wait.  I'm trying to ignore the fact that as much as I don't want to think about this kid, he's still on my mind. 

Some months later, I'm standing in the exact same spot, playing the exact same game, still waiting. Only this time, I'm not waiting for a ride. I'm waiting for him. Just as I'm about to break my previous high score, a hand covers my phone and I quickly look up. The guy standing in front of me is tall with lightly tanned skin and dark hair. I blink, confused. "Why didn't you wait by the gate for me? I was looking everywhere for you," he says to me, and its only then that I smile, realizing it's M-san. We catch up as we gather his bags, head out to the car, then head home. It's late. He's hungry and needs rest. "Plus, tomorrow we're gonna have a blast," I finish off as we reach the house, but I don't tell him what I have in mind. 

M-san sets his things in his room, takes a shower, then invites himself in to my room, making himself comfortable on my bed. "Hey, do you still have the pictures from when we first met?" He suddenly asks. I'm taken back by his question, but grab my photo album. "I do," I answer, opening it to the proper page, "Why?" 

"Just wondering," He's looking at the pictures, "I thought maybe you threw them away. We need to take new ones at...where are we going tomorrow?"  

"I never throw away pictures, and I'm not telling you where we're going."  

Nodding, he puts the album aside and grabs a notebook I have sitting on my night stand. He flips through it and I immediately try to snatch it away. "What's Busch Gardens?" He asks me, rolling over to lay on top of the notebook. 

"It's where we're going tomorrow, now give that here!" 

He gives it up and stands, telling me he's going to get some sleep. I wish him good night and let him leave. A few minutes later, I hear him in the next room, "Woooooooaaah!! I'm going to BUSCH GARDENS!"  All I can do is laugh. 

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We had decided a few days before on meeting at Roppongi at 18:00. Even though he had been mad at me, and was probably even more annoyed with me for not calling him as I had been instructed, I assume our plans still stand. I shower, change, then head off to meet him. Upon reaching Ueno Station, I get a message from M-san,*: You didn't call me. I'll see you at 20:00 instead. What? 20:00?! What in hell was I supposed to do for two hours?! "That's fine. I'll wait for you," I reply, which sparks a small argument. He blames my not calling him for his being late and I apologize but argue that my call had nothing to do with our pre-arranged meeting. He tells me he's on his way and we end up meeting only half an hour behind schedule. 

We argue as we walk. He's genuinely annoyed that I hadn't called, and I'm genuinely annoyed that he was acting so...possessive. He was annoyed that I had been hanging out with another guy, drinking with another guy. I assure him that nothing had happened and that T-san* was no more than a friend. "That kind of behavior.." he begins to tell me, but then says nothing more. What behavior? My behavior? Sorry, but what had I done wrong? "I don't like it." He finishes off, rounding a corner. "So, where do we go from here?" I ask, wondering if we'd be parting ways or not. "Roppongi Hills. You know Mori tower?" He asks back, and of course, I know. I remind him that I'm afraid of heights, which seems to bring a smile to his face. Damn him. I smile back and the tension disappears. 

PhotobucketThe elevator doors opened and as we stepped out on to the deck, we were greeted by a beautiful night view of the area, Tokyo Tower glowing majestically. I'm both amazed and terrified at the same time.  He asks me if I want to take a picture. "Uhh...." I answer, holding on to the rail. Actually, I'm fine right here, clinging to this rail, I think to myself, but find myself walking with him in the direction of the designated photographer positioned on deck.  Once our picture is taken, we begin to walk around deck, trying to identify different landmarks.

"And that area over there is...." M-san* peers at a map, trying to figure out what he was looking at. "That's Shibuya," I finish, standing next to him. He asks me how I know. "I'm awesome," I answer.  

"Okay then. So." He points in another direction, "That"  I tell him that that area is also Shibuya. It's all Shibuya. Everything in Sight is Shibuya. "Trust me, I know these things." I assure him. We laugh and continue looking around.

He starts staring at another map and as he does so, I stare at him. He had me figured out, but he was still a mystery to me. I stare so intently that I fail to notice he's now looking at me instead of at the map. He snaps his fingers in my face, "Is that ok?" My blank stare tells him he needs to repeat his question. "I know you have to go to Kansai but I wanna see you one more time before you go home, ok?" 

I agree to meet him again and promise I'll call him from Kansai. He gives me a skeptical look. I laugh. "I will!" I assure him, "I swear I'll call you."

But did I? 


I am loving LJ's new "Scheduled entries" feature! It really is speeding up the posting process. I can type up all my entries ahead of time then just walk away.

In other news, Operation "Instead of losing weight, focus on living a healthier lifestyle" is going very well. I haven't stepped on the scale just yet to see if I've actually lost any weight, but I can see a difference when I look at pictures most importantly, I feel the difference.  Is anyone else working on losing weight? If so, how do you keep motivated? How do you measure your progress?  I only have 5 more kilos to lose in order to meet my final goal, but I've read that the last 5 are always the hardest.  I'm looking for creative ways to keep myself motivated! 9 months to lose 5 kilos for a bit day! MOTIVATE ME LJ

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I ended up borrowing the $3,000 we needed from my grandfather so although it does need to be paid back at some point, there is no interest on it. Take that banks =D. Now we just need to finalize some things for the car we're interested. Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal and I'm feeling happier than ever. I've been trying to get back in to the habit of working out after a practically three-week hiatus while I had company. I also re-started 神様のカルテ, since I forgot what was going on over the past three weeks.At some point, I still need to upload a million pictures.....

I hope everyone's week is going as well as mine! 

Oh, and before I forget,  hello to all my new friends =D. 


T-san* and I decided to meet at Tsukishima at around 18:00 for Okonomiyaki. Having never been there, I left the apartment early only to learn that he would be arriving late because class was taking longer than expected. No problem, I thought to myself as I read his message, I can just sit outside the station and wait. As soon as I arrived, I realized what a horrible idea that was. The air around Monja street smelled delicious. My stomach growled and I groaned. Why had I decided to skip lunch again?   Several stomach growls later, T-san* arrived and after exchanging hellos, we rushed off to stuff our faces. Erm, I mean, enjoy a meal.  

We ordered a few drinks, two types of Monjayaki, and three types of okonomiyaki. In hindsight, it was a bad idea but hey, we were really hungry at the time! 

PhotobucketWe talked about his life at the University, my social life, then struggled to finish all the food we had ordered. In the end, I became too full to eat another bite and instead only cheered him on as he struggled to finish the last few bites of Curry Okonomiyaki. "You can do it T-san*! COME ON!! LOOK!! Two more bites!! Do it, do it!"  Once he finished, we rested then tipsily made our way out of the little shop and decided to walk around a bit to sober up.   

It was only then that I thought to look at my phone and realized that M-san* had called me. Twice. Oh boy. I called him back and as soon as he found out that I was with T-san* a boy, he asked if I had been drinking and seemed annoyed. We talked for two seconds before he hung up on me, and me being slightly tipsy, found the fact that he was annoyed with me hilarious. T-san and I joked about his "jealousy" as we wandered down the street, turning at random corners and getting ourselves lost.  

"He's not even my boyfriend!" I shouted as we reached a park and stopped to set up the GPS to get back to the station. "I know!" T-san* shouted back, "And you know what?! He's not even your boyfriend!" I gasped and answered, "YOU'RE RIGHT!" 

We laugh some more, then head to a convenience store to ask for directions since we can't seem to get the GPS to work. After chit-chatting with the obaa-chan and attempting to follow her instructions, we realize we're still lost. Luckily, we spot another group of young people laughing loudly and staggering around obviously drunk. "Hey!" I shout in Japanese across the street, "Wheres the station!?" The girls laugh, we get an "I don't know!" or two from some of the guys, before the group waves for us to follow. We decide against it and suddenly realize that we could just walk back the same way we had come. Brilliant! 

So! We re-track our steps and eventually reach the station. We part ways after some random rambling about how stuffed we still feel, and as soon as I get to the apartment, I call M-san. He sounds annoyed, tells me I need to change my ways, tells me what I did to annoy him (note that despite having talked for half a year, we had only physically met once at this point....) then tells me to call him early the next day. Of course...because I'm tipsy, I don't remember that I'm supposed to. 

Big mistake! 
Who would have thought that when a guy tells you to call, they actually expect you to CALL? 

From this point on, things got only more interesting! 

Tsukishima 月島 :: Man-made Island in Chuo, Tokyo, known for it's insanely large amount of amazingly cheap restaurants. 

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My last entry was so sloppy. I'm a little embarrassed.FIXED! 
We got $5,900 from the insurance company for the car, which means we still need to borrow money from the bank if we want to get a semi-decent car we can consider safe. We're keeping an eye out an our fingers crossed.  

Things with M-san went great. However, before I can write about all of that I need to re-wind and write about a few other things that make our relationship so interesting. So, here I go. Taking things back to the beginning! 

We had met on-line for the purpose of language exchange, but in only a few short months, we were laughing and talking over the phone as though we had been friends for years. So when I told him I'd be going back to meet Take's mom, he picked out a few days to meet up, and that was that. Our first meeting took place at Asakusa. Even though I had been there many times before, I told him I had never been there when he confessed that despite living not too far away, he had never bothered going himself.  "Are you sure you've never been here?" He'd ask every time I'd correct his directions. I'd laugh and shake my head thinking "I haven't been here in days." 

We decided to take a picture to commemorate the occasion, however we couldn't decide who would ask someone to take the picture. We ended up playing janken-pon in order to decide. "Ok, ok! If I win, you ask. If you win, I'll let you ask," I told him. See what I did there? I'm clever =D. In the end, he asked another couple to take our picture.  


"If you come up with me and pray," He began to ask me as we approached the shrine, "You're not going to go to hell cause you're Christian, right? It's not against your religion?" I wanted to laugh, but instead all I say is, "I dunno. God could strike me down with lightning at any second..." We argue back and forward a bit about the consequences of me going up to pray with him, then finally head up. I drop a few coins, pray with him, and as we head down the stairs he looks at me, smirks and says, "I bet you're going to go to hell."  


I give him a cheeky smile, "I never travel alone." 
He grins back, "My bags are always packed." 

I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 
And the beginning of the story of Zia and M-san.* 

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My friends have been bugging me quite a bit about getting back in to the dating game. Seeing as I haven't been single since junior high, they're worried I might be in some kind of a funk. I don't know if I'd call it a funk, but I will say that I'm not interested in dating right now. There is someone that I'm interested in at the moment, but the chances of us dating are rather slim since I don't even know if I'll ever see him again so my friends suggest I simply move on, but honestly, even if I don't date the guy I like, I'm perfectly happy being good friends and continuing the relationship we have now. Instead of forcing myself to find someone else, I want to focus on the relationship this person and I have now. I don't believe I need to have the 'girlfriend' title with him in order to be happy. Whether he calls me girlfriend or not, we still have a blast together. 

Anyway, who knows, maybe with time, it'll even grow in to something more. 



My friend will arrive on Saturday! We have plans to hang out with another girl who studied with us in high school that happens to live in my area! I'm really looking forward to this since these days, I've been feeling a little worn out from being all adult-like. I need to step back and have some fun, and what better way to do that than by remembering my HS years? Though those years were my least healthiest....
Next week will be extremely busy for me, but will be full of fun times and pictures! 

It also means I need to start dressing like a real person again. Whenever I'm at home and I'm not going out, it's like I live in Pajamas. I wake up, go about my day, work out, shower, then change in to another pair of PJ's XD. Do I remember what it's like to wear clothes without elastic bands or tightening strings?!?!  And make up! Woot! Time to whip out the Ageha magazines! =D 
forever_wandering: (AMUSED)
For this entry, everything in ** Is spoken in Japanese. And my friend's name has been changed to S-kun.

*So, S-kun, you wanted to meet to practice English,'t really spoken any English. What should we do about that?* I ask as I nibble on my sandwich. *Should I do or say something stupid to make you less shy?*

S-kun doesn't respond, so we both kind of sit there for a while in awkward silence. I figure me pointing out that he's being shy made him feel more shy.

"ACTUALLY,"He blurts out, "I wanna move to the US and work there to improve my English but I would have to meet a person who can support me first cause I don't have money." And then he stares. He just stares at me silently for a good five minutes.

I laugh nervously and say ".....Sorry, can you repeat that in Japanese?" 

S-kun suddenly looks at me oddly, and finally, in English he says, "You can't help?" 

I switch to Japanese just to make sure he understands what I'm saying. *It sounds like you're saying you don't care about who the person actually is, as long as they have money. That's what I'm understanding from what you said. If you tell me in Japanese, I can translate it correctly for you.*

"Okay!" He says cheerfully. Then in Japanese: *I wanna meet a rich person who can take care of me in the US because I want to learn English there but don't have money. * After a pause he added *A girl is better. American girls now are obsessed with Japanese guys, right?* 

Awkward silence. Then he continues *Don't your parents own a house in Tampa?*

I'm like:


Another awkward silence before I finally say, "Hey, you know, I'm kinda hungry," and apparently that was enough to make him forget about the previous conversation we were having. At that moment, 

Times like this make me think back to the days when all the guys I knew were shy towards me and thought about half the stuff they were going to say. I think these guys that say too much are the reason I find myself leaning towards the silent type this time around. Lol. 




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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