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So, my vacation with Kazu and Sho turned out pretty okay. My attempt to get to know Sho better failed. I did talk to him quite a bit and he was nice, but he wasn't exactly always there. He was usually in his own little bubble or busy watching girls. On one day, he spent three hours going in and out of a restaraunt to "use the bathroom" because he was interested in one of the women working there. Kazu and I joked about it and would wish him good luck and tell him to keep trying until he got her name and number, but it was mostly just to get him to stay over there because we got tired of him going back and forward, back and forward, inturrupting our conversation with updates on his progress--or lack of.I spend plenty of time catching up with Kazu though, and we discussed our next vacation! We decided we wanted to go to somewhere tropical.

Aside from losing weight, he hasn't really changed. He was still the goofy big brother-like person I remember. We spent a lot of time talking about stupid things and making fun of each other. For instance, even though he's the older one, he was totally freaked out by a roller coaster I forced him on to and he felt so sick after that I ended up having to buy him an ice cream to calm his stomach. Of course, I made fun of him for that all day!

This guy kept trying to talk to me in one of the lines, so I would answer back in Japanese. I figured that even though I didn't look Asian, the guys I was with obviously were, and he would just assume I didn't speak English. Just my luck, he ended up getting on in our row on a ride and sat right next to me. So I just kept screaming on the ride like I was scared even though it wasn't bad at all. 
We got tired of going through all the pictures, since we had so many good ones, so I decided on only eight for now. I like how they came out, even though they show that more weight loss needs to take place before December. 

I'll probably go through them all again when I have more time and post some others, but for now, this is all. I wanted to save some of Sho and me, but Kazu deemed it necessary to stick his finger in to every shot he took. In other words, no decent pictures of Sho and me. 

I'm thinking I should call Mugen* sometime soon. I chatted with him briefly a few days ago to ask him for advice on Kazu's missing passport issue, but aside from that and our few facebook messages, I haven't had a chance to really talk to him in almost two weeks....and I did say I would be the one to call him... but lately, I feel like I'm always chasing him. 

Ugh. I guess I'll call him this weekend. I know he's busy through-out the week. 
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Kazu and Sho gave me some gifts! I also received snacks, but it isn't pictured here because I already ate them ^^;;; 
The folding fan has my name written on the side and it looks like it has a pretty pattern, but I don't want to open it yet because I am still using a folding fan I bought in March. I really like the pattern on the hand-towel and it's surprisingly soft! I can't wait for my current one to wear out so I can use this one. Inside the little bag, there is a bigger, waterproof bag. Since I walk a lot and sometimes get caught in the rain, it's pretty useful!  
More than the gifts themselves, I love that they got me things I'd actually use and enjoy without even asking me what kinds of things I wanted (And Sho doesn't really know me at all!) and that they didn't make a deal out of it. 


I hate it when people ask me what I want because then I feel like I'm obligating them to get me something. It feels nice when they surprise me with things I like because then I feel like they really know me. Gifts that involve and show thought are the best, which is why it saddens me that giving gift cards is becoming more and more common. Now, I've bought a gift card or two and given them to friends, but I've only ever done that in order to help out with something they were saving towards. For example, two years ago, I purchased a $100.00 gift card for home depot for a friend because they were trying to buy a grill from there. There was no way I could afford the grill itself, so I instead assisted with part of the cost. The second time, I purchased 3 gift cards to 3 of my friend's and my favorite stores so we could go on a shopping spree together.  There is a time and a place for everything and I don't think gift cards are a good gift for people you know well, unless you have a reason behind it aside from "I didn't know what to get you" or "I didn't really have time to shop for anything.." 

I would rather a friend buy me that $20.00 coat they know I've been eyeing for weeks than give me a $50.00 gift card to a store I like, for example because it shows that they pay attention when we go out. They notice what I like, what I'm in to...ect. 

Maybe I'm just picky. I don't know. 
Presents are supposed to mean something, aren't they? 

There are so many pictures to go through. On my camera alone, there are 100+ pictures, and Kazu has a new camera, so we've been a little snap-happy, and that's another 200 pictures and counting. So it could be some time before I post any pictures with the guys up. I also still have to clean the place up to spray against summer bugs, paperwork to fill out, packing....

I've also been doing research like crazy. My sister is going to have her baby in November and my mother will be going to Hawaii to help her. Hawaii is a long way off from my parent's house and my mother has not only never traveled alone, but has never traveled that distance. So I've been trying to find the easiest ways and writing down notes for her (Useful English phrases and such). I think I'm more nervous about her taking this trip than anyone else.

What else? We spent a lot of time Saturday to Yesterday tripping out because Kazu left his passport on the plane and  no matter where I called, we couldn't locate it.  Since it was the weekend, we couldn't contact any Embassy for assistance, so we took care of it Monday morning. Monday morning we re-called the airports and the embassies. The airports hadn't been able to locate it, and the Embassy told him he needed to get some special papers to and fill out a bunch of reports. He was pretty stressed over it, so we decided to go chill in the bay area. Once we got back, it miraculously appeared, sitting on his desk a long with other papers he had left on the desk. In 12 hours, they tracked down his passport, had it not only delivered, but also placed in his room.  I need to call the airline and thank them or write them some kind of letter thanking them for their service. We don't know how they tracked him down or managed to get it to him so soon. Excellent, excellent service. 
My friend says there is no need to contact them and tell them how well they did, but you know, with a job like that, I'm sure all they get are complaints, complaints and complaints, which can get a bit tiresome and demotivate people from doing a good job.
Every so often, it's nice to hear you did something right, isn't it?


Jul. 6th, 2012 12:11 pm
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Independence Day was pretty fun. We had free tickets, so we decided to go to Busch Gardens to see their fireworks display. In the end they were canceled due to horrible weather, but I got to spend time with my family (minus my sister, who is still living in Hawaii). My brother left for Alaska yesterday morning and won't be coming back to Florida until December. Depending on when he comes, I might already be back in Japan, so who knows when we'll get the chance to take another 4-family member photo. 


Since my brother is gone now, I can go back to following a routine. Most people don't believe me when I say this but I actually have really low self-esteem. There isn't a single thing I would change in the way I've lived my life. I have no regrets when it comes to that. But there are many things I want to change in myself and I always try to do so much at once that I burn out.  

So this is it. This is a clean slate. I'm focusing on two and only two goals for the next year (Today - July 5, 2013).

Me At Busch Gardens 1. LOSE 10KG & PRACTICE


The trouble with being short is that it shows. Short people just can't hide their weight. Tall people are so lucky! I was advised against losing more than 5kg by my doctor but I want to try to lose 10kg in a healthy fashion.

The last time I was only around 2kg away from meeting my goal, everyone told me I looked like a corpse. Obviously, I don't want to look like that. I want to lose weight but maintain a feminine body.

In order to achieve my goal, I need an effective work out regimen. I want to work harder, not longer, so I plan on creating a plan around my strengths and weaknesses.

On top of that, I want to improve my natural appearance. I depend a lot on things like  make up, hair irons, heels and cute outfits to make me feel pretty. I want to have that same confidence when I'm not wearing make up or dressing up in nice clothes. 



I study Japanese a lot. However, I do it by watching dramas, listening to music and talking to friends. My Japanese is incredibly casual, but I get by just fine on my own in Japan. However, I've always felt inferior to those who have had the opportunity to take and learn through formal classes. I always say that I'm going to take the JLPT just to see where I am compared to other students, but I always chicken out. I'm not going to do that any more.

Next year, I will definitely take the JLPT. Until then, I will study as much as possible. If I can, I'll update my Japanese blog daily. I'm also thinking it would be a good idea to find a study partner who is also learning Japanese, so that we can study together via voice chat or cam. 

Lets see if I can maintain these goals =) 
I chose to write about this today because it's Tanabata! While I was cleaning out my parent's book shelf, I came across a wish I had sent them my first year abroad, which was more than two years ago. My wish was to have more confidence in myself.  This year will be four years since that day and I still have the same wish. 


   Ladies and gentlemen, please inspire me with your wishes and dreams!    
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Out of the five Disney theme parks, Epcot has to be my absolute favorite. I love to travel and experience new cultures and at Epcot, I can experience up to 10 different cultures in about a day! My friend and I walked around the entire park once then decided to spend time in Mexico, China, Germany and Japan

The first thing we did (Because I was basically jumping up and down like a little kid as soon as I saw him) was take a picture with Duffy. The first time I found out about Duffy was about two years ago when I went to Tokyo Disney with Saori after Sadou, and because of that, I had always associated Duffy with Japan. I had no idea though, that Duffy actually originated in Florida but didn't become popular until Japan stuck him in a sailor suit and re-sold him to the masses. 

After Duffy, we began our trip around the world, starting in Mexico. In Mexico they sold...Alcohol! And the layout was very Aztec Indian.  We wanted to split a colorful margarita, but since they were $12.50 each, we decided against it. Once we cleared Mexico, we entered China, home of my favorite Disney character, Mulan. We missed her show by two hours but plan on going back to see her. Aside from a tea stand with some snacks, they didn't have much in terms of food, but instead had beautiful gardens and architecture and an interesting little museum. We ended up splitting a Strawberry oolong tea, which was to die for. It was pretty big though, so it lasted us through our journey in to Germany and its sweets and finally Japan. 
Funny thing happened in Japan. I'm talking to my friend about a yukata one of the girls was wea ring. One of the women who work there walks up to us and asks us if we need help. I tell her we don't and that I'm just telling my friend about yukata and comparing the other girl's to mine. My friend tells her that I live in Japan. The woman asks me if I have any pictures of my yukata, and I do on my phone, so I show her. She seems impressed and begins talking to me in Japanese, so I talk back. After a short conversation, we go to the museum, I buy my friend some Melon Daifuku because she's never tried it,then go to watch Taiko.

After Taiko, we walk around some more before finally coming going back to Japan to eat sushi before the illumination show.  To our surprise, they remember us by name when we returned and continued to speak to me in Japanese throughout our time there.

I thought my friend would feel left out but she seemed amused every time someone came over and said something to me in Japanese. 

After that, we went outside for the light show. We wanted to find a good spot, so I walked over to the fence and leaned over, trying to get a good look at the other sections of the park. A girl sitting on a bench behind me goes, "Excuse me. You're not going to stay there right? Cause we've been sitting here for the past 20 minutes holding this spot."  Her friend whispered for her to be quiet, in which she responded "No, we've been sitting here for twenty minutes!" Pft! As though sitting was hard work. Geeze.
I told her we weren't staying there because it was the truth, but part of me wanted to tell her that we were and that just because she was sitting on the bench didn't mean she was entitled to all the space in front of it. It wasn't like she was old. She was younger than me so if she wanted a view with no one in front, she could have stood at the fence like everyone else. 

I don't know why her talking to me made me feel annoyed, but it did. 

Anyway, the light show was fabulous. It never gets old. Next time though, we're going to try and catch the Magic Parade in Magic Kingdom instead. 


I finished reading "Norwegian Wood" in English and I have to say it felt quite different to me compared to the Japanese version! I'm going to see what other English versions I can get my hands on in the future. I've decided to tackle a book called The Labyrinth by Enrique A Laguerre. It's Puerto Rican literature, which I haven't tried reading since leaving the island some six or seven years back. So far, main character annoys the heck out of me! He doesn't really talk. He just over-thinks everything while the world around him takes care of him, despite the fact that he worked so hard to become a lawyer to take care of himself. 
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My friend and I went to: 

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According to the news, it was supposed to rain all day, but we still decided to spend the entire day at Disney. 
Aside from maybe 20 minutes, we had good weather all day! 

Was that the reporter's mistake or Disney Magic

We started the day by exploring Hollywood Studios. After seeing Lion King on Broadway in New York, I fell in love with watching live performances, so I always make sure to catch a show or two, but didn't get around to it this time. Instead we focused on the attractions. We did Rock n' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Wars 4D Adventure. For the first time ever, I was able to keep my eyes open through Tower of Terror! 

After Hollywood Studios, we headed to Magic Kingdom to try and stalk some princesses and eat some yummy snacks. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the princesses were taking a break from their oh-so-exhausting life of riches and royalty, so we weren't able to get any pictures with them, but we did manage to catch sight of the new princess from BRAVE, and a show with my one true love--Peter Pan

We had a major LOL moment when we were leaving Cinderella's castle. You're supposed to enter on the left side, leave on the right. However, people were entering from both directions, so it was impossible to get to the right side to leave. I got fed up and grabbed my friend and dragged her through the crowd and a bunch of people snapped at me for cutting them off. As we were walking out, I told my friend, "It's not that complicated. Why can't Americans get it? Left is in, right is out. There are even signs. Anyway, if they're not going to play nice, neither am I." A man in of us turned and asked where we were from. My friend told him I was from Japan and she was from Puerto Rico. He laughed and told me I had guts for saying that out loud. He was from Canada and he had been thinking the same thing I had but hadn't dared to say it. We just all started laughing over it. 

There was a lot of construction going on. Disney is apparently adding an entire new village and two new castles to the Magic kingdom.  We decided that Disney was going to expand to the point that Florida residents were going to be living inside these little villages. 

After Magic Kingdom, we went to Epcot. So much happened there that it deserves a post all to itself.
The rain is insane right now, the power is flashing and a flood warning has been issued so I'm going to go help secure some things in case of a flood. 
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Cleaning out my memory card, I came across some wonderful pictures! 

The day I went to see the Glaciers with my Mom!!

How old was I at the time? I don't even remember...

Honestly speaking, I hadn't wanted to go. I remember wanting to stay home because I didn't like the extreme cold at the time.  Besides, they were just huge chunks of ice right? So boring!  


Many of these "Chunks of ice" were more than eight times my size. They were massive and oh so pretty! 

I'm glad I went . Every time I watch the discovery channel and they talk about how the glaciers are disappearing, I feel glad that I had a chance to see them. 

And I can't believe I had forgotten about this day. 


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My family wanted to go out and east somewhere but because I'm still a little sick, they decided to order pizza and watch movies at home instead of going out. Honestly, I don't like pizza, but because they stayed home for me, I thought it would be rude of me to not eat with them. 

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I'll up my work out. 

Lately, my friends haven't been saying "Zia's Sexy," but instead, "Zia is a beautiful," which I absolutely love. Most girls I talk to always tell me I'm being stupid and that there is no real difference between "Sexy" and "Beautiful."  I think differently though. 
Of course, there's nothing wrong with being told you're sexy. However, every time I go to a club, Some random guy will approach me and say "You're sexy, let's go somewhere," and expect me to feel flattered simply because they can speak a few words in English or something. So for me, being told I'm sexy makes me feel weird. Whenever I'm told that I'm sexy, even if it is said genuinely, I feel like that person is only after one thing.... 

But whenever I'm told I'm beautiful, my heart skips a beat and I'm happy. 
Because I've lost some weight and my friends tell me I'm pretty, I now have the confidence to buy cuter clothes. I've been spending a lot of time browsing second hand shops for interesting pieces and I was able to put together two decent outfits for less than 25 USD. I'm a frequent shopper in second hand stores in Japan, but my image of second hand stores in the US had been quite...Poor. I had imagined racks filled with t-shirts and worn out clothes, but I couldn't have been any farther from the truth. I was surprised by a lot of the things I was able to find and I'm glad that I'll be able to expand my wardrobe at a decent price. 


I realized that I'm only 7 kilos away from my goal weight, but when I consulted my doctor, I was advised against losing more than 4 more kilos. According to my doctor, if I lost any more, it would be bad on my back. Being busty runs in both sides of my family. On my mother's side, I've had an aunt and a cousin have to get reduction surgery after losing weight, and on my fathers side I've had two aunts and a cousin have to get the same procedure done. So, it didn't surprise me when the doctor said it, but I still feel like I want to push forward to my main goal. 

I'll lose four as he suggests and then I'll make a final decision. 

When I was cleaning my room to make space for my new clothes, I found my cellphone from three years ago. I didn't know but there are still tons of pictures on it, but I don't know how to download those pictures on to my computer..... I can't find the cable or the card that came with the phone, so I'm not sure how else I can move them, but I definitely want to try. There are some great pictures saved on the phone. 


I got quite emotional when I was going through the pictures and messages since there are a lot of things from Take saved there. I also had a few laughs reading some of the messages from kaigaikou, reminding me of meetings and scolding me for the ones I've missed. 
UGH!!! How can I import everything from the phone to the computer?!?!?! 

Anyway, Ryo is an ordinary salary man who works behind a computer for a million hours a day, but on the weekends, he studies dance, which I really admire, since many of my friends give up their hobbies when they join the work force and basically become bums on their time off. Next Saturday, he has a dance performance and invited me to go but I can't. On that same day, I have plans to go with my Kouhai to Disney and since we've been trying to meet up for two months now, I simply can't call her and say "Sorry I can't make it this time either, I'm off to Shibuya!"

I really wanted to see him dance. He has this passion when he moves, which is why I enjoy it so much and record him every time he feels a beat. He promised to have a friend record it for me. That'll have to do. I told him I'd go to every performance once I get back. 

My best friend is going to be staying on Yokosuka for a few weeks doing training for the military. I've talked to some friends of mine about showing her around since I'll be busy road tripping with Kaz and Sho, but the minute I mention that she'll be on Yokosuka, they all tell me they're busy. It's getting annoying. When I moved to Japan, I lost touch with her because I got caught up with life there. I want her to enjoy it so that she understands just why I suddenly became so busy doing my own thing.  She doesn't speak any Japanese though and I want her to see places that aren't in guide books. R promised to help because she's my BFF, and I love him for that, but I can't expect him to care for her the entire time..... 


Jun. 12th, 2012 10:15 pm
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Wow. Time really does fly! I was checking my to-do list today and realized it's been almost a week since my parents and I stopped talking over an argument we had. 
It honestly feels like that fight took place just yesterday.... 

I jog every morning so I had thought I was in good shape, but this morning's 10km hike totally kicked my butt! My body is so sore right now. It's probably because though I run on an incline every day, I'm not used to moving uphill for such a long period of time. The view was great but I don't know if I'll be able to get up as early to catch it again. 

I finally did it! I completed all the silly little exams I had to take in order to be eligible to take some classes at the school near by!  I start in August, and finish in December, a few days before I'm scheduled to head back to Osaka♪ All that is left is for me to fill out three more forms and pick up my student ID so that I can use the school's facilities. Everyone keeps telling me to be careful and not become a typical American student...But I'm not 100% sure what that is. Do they mean don't wear sweat pants to school? What? I don't know. Lol. In any case, I'm pretty excited. Now when my friends ask me what schools are like in the US, I can answer them honestly ^_____^ 

I finally got around to framing some pictures and setting them up on the window sill. I guess to most people that isn't a big deal, but for me it is. Up until today, the only framed pictures I had up were of Take and me on our different dates. Of course, I kept one or two of them up, but I took down many of them and put up these two--of the two most important guys in my life right now. I really need to focus on moving forward. Completely. I don't mean I need to forget him. I do, though, need to distance myself in order to be able to look at R and M as R and M instead of comparing them to Take. 

R never seems worried about anything. M often asks me about other guys, so I sometimes wonder if he feels he's being compared to someone

This week will be a semi-boring week. Aside from the usual work and work-out, the house needs a good top to bottom cleaning. I'll be doing it on my own since I'm pretty picky about how things are cleaned. My friends think I'm quite odd because I don't mind a little clutter, but the sight and feel of a lot of dirt and dust drives me crazy.You can have a mountain of clothes in the corner of your room, I don't care. If I put my hand on your window to open it and my hand comes back gray...problem. I know dust and dirt builds up. But is it really ok to let it build up to that point?

Speaking of building up....Ugh. So many e-mails and blogs and journals to catch up on.
Sorry for the delay!  

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While taking a break at 万博記念公園 (Banpaku Kinen Park), my friend and I came across a time capsule filled with cultural assets from the 20th century. The capsule is made of two parts, each composed of many smaller compartments. The upper half of the capsule was opened for the first time in 2,000 and won't be opened again until the year 2100. The lower half, which remains untouched, won't be opened until the year 6970. 

When Governors Island, NY was closing, a time capsule was burried behind P.S 26, containing letters and random items from the students who lived there. That was less than 20 years ago but I can't even begin to recall what I wrote in my letter or chose to burry with it. I only hope it was something good. 

I wonder how the people who chose the original items decided what items to chose. How did they decide what items best represented not just themselves--but an entire population? 

More importantly, what kind of items would I have chosen? If I were to create a time capsule set to be opened thousands of years from now, what kinds of items would I put in? How would I want people to see me in the future? 
A lot of people want to be remembered as something great--someone who contributed something to society and made some grand difference.They want their name to be remembered. I'm not one of those people. I'm nothing great and I'll most likely never create anything beneficial to society. My name will never go down in the books. But you know, I'm okay with that. As long as I'm remembered as someone who lived happily and was loved by those she loved, I'm good. I want people who open my capsule to think, "Man, this girl lived life. She really did." 

So, what items would I put in my time capsule? Deciding wasn't as easy as I had thought it would be, but in the end, I managed to pick a few items and divided them in to sets. 

First, I'd include my military ID, my passport and my Ferris ID. Being a military brat shaped by childhood. Being a Ferris shaped my young-adult years. My passport is filled with stamps from various countries. I had always dreamed of seeing the world. 

Second, a camera, the first volume of Hana Yori Dango and a picture of Takeshi and I. A camera I used to capture some of the most important memories of my life, the first volume of a series that gave me strength through-out my childhood, and a picture of myself with the first guy I ever really loved. 
Third, a note from a high school teacher expressing how fond she was of me and what a wonderful person she thought I was, a jar of sand from Puerto Rico, where I grew up, a pen, because I love to write, and a kendama, which I often play with when I think about serious issues. It also shows that I'm a simple-minded person. 

Fourth, A weight with a tape measure to show that I worried about fitness, a mirror to show I cared about appearance, my ipod containing music I enjoyed, which reflects my personality, and my planner which shows what kinds of things I do. 

I'm not sure how people in the future would interpret these items since things, after all, don't always keep the same meaning as time passes. Looking at these items, I imagine a certain type of person, but I have no idea what they would represent in the future. 

It's always interesting to think about the future. However, it's a bit scary at the same time. 
Isn't it? 
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When I spoke to a counselor at the local university about getting enrolled in a few courses, she listened to my situation, then suggested I attend an orientation on culture shock. What? I thougt to myself with a laugh, then told her it wouldn't be neccessary as I had already been in the US a few months. When I spoke to a friend about my decision to take a few classes until I go back to Japan in December, and told her about what the counselor had said, she sighed and told me: 

    "Zia, you really should take the culture shock seminar if they're offering it to you."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Even my own friend thought I was going to have difficulties adjusting to something I had, in my mind, already adjusted to? Obviously, she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does, I told myself. Having traveled back and forward between Puerto Rico and Japan for years, I was no stranger to the differences in culture. I was a master at adjusting to the changes in my environment. Not once did I ever feel out of place in either location. 

As I stepped on to the campus for the first time in a pair of white pumps, skinny jeans a light purple blouse, a purse on my arm, and flawless make up and hair, I looked around at the students moving this way and that in their shorts, flip-flops, tank-tops, t-shirts and hoddies, backpacks on their backs, sunglasses on their faces, and for the first time ever, felt extremely out of place. 

After enduring the bullying I was experiencing from my former best friend and her new crew, I listened to both my boyfriend and counselor and left the school. At the age of 19, I crossed the globe and began a life at a foreign school in a foreign country, taught in a language I didn't understand. Getting in required an essay, a transcript and taking an exam.

At first, being Ferris University felt like being on an entirely different planet.  

The campus itself reminded me of a prison. The architecture was plain, the colors simple, and the atmosphere very quiet. It was an all girl's university where the students were referred to as "Ojou-sama, princesses, and they very much fit the part. Every morning, parades of girls would cross the street dressed in their pastel colored skirts and heels, brand-name bags on their arms, never a hair out of place. As they entered the campus, they walked with a certain grace, backs straight and head held high, but not too high as to make their company feel inferior.  
Language barrier aside, the classes were mostly lecture courses, which made them considerably easy. The focus was more on memorization than actual learning and all one really had to do was take notes and occasionally raise a hand. Homework was rare and most exams were open book. Most of the syllabi consisted of a single page. Whenever there was an important announcement or meeting, I'd receive a text message or a call. The staff, students and teachers definitely went out of their way to help everyone succeed ( I was told that this was in order to protect the reputation of the school, but I can't confirm it). 

As I picked up more of the language, things gradually became easier. 

Simply put, the school I chose to take some classes in now is the exact opposite of what I am used to. Students dragged their feet around as they crossed the campus in their beach wear and backpacks,  laughing loudly. The environment was so relaxed it felt more like a board walk than an actual school. The buildings were beautiful though, and  the school required quite a lot of documentation to get in to as well as several exams to simply get in to certain classes! The classrooms were small with no more than 30 seats in each, forcing students to participate in discussions. Syllabi were three pages minimum.  "We're here to help you," the teachers and staff stressed, "But you also have to help yourself." 

Where as Ferris looked as though it was a no-nonsense school, it was relatively easy. This university gave the impression that it was relaxed and slow paced, but in fact required a lot of work. I felt overwhelmed by everything being given to me.  Boys looked at me with interest, while girls took a glance and appeared to roll their eyes.

Oh that's right, this school is co-ed. My first co-ed school in years. I've heard (as well as seen on the news) of issues caused my competition between students. Unlike at Ferris, where everyone was more or less the same, this school is full of diverse students all competing academically and socially. I wonder if I have what it takes. 

At the general student orientation, I was introduced as "A transfer student from Japan," and that really isn't a lie. I didn't expect however, to have students treat me differently because of it. Students spoke slowly around me, as though I was incapable of properly understanding English. They asked me things like if I had come to the US to escape the radiation poisoning, if I knew how to make sushi, if it was true that one could buy panties from a vending machine.... Some even offered to help me in my classes if I needed it. I wonder if the confused expression on my face helped further their belief that I knew nothing because "I'm from a foreign country." 

When I talked to my mom about what happened, we laughed over the fact that the same thing had happened when I moved to Japan. Students at my university then also asked me ridiculous questions such as how often I went to New York City, or what kind of race car did I own, if I've ever been arrested, how many jobs I had, If I had met celebrities in LA (Apparently, all Americans party in NYC and LA all the time!). 

I'm pretty sure that when I go back, my friends there will hound me about American Universities: Do all the girls walk around half naked?! Did you party every day?! How many people did you see having sex?! 

Aa, to be foreign no matter where you go~! 

I can't wait until Saturday to talk to M and tell him all about this. He's constantly teasing me about being "Ojou-sama," and I'm always denying it. Now it's finally hit me that I very much am "Ojou-sama," and that's just how it is. I wonder if he'll be pleased with my decision to take some courses. He's always stressing the fact that he loves how I don't schedule everything like he does. "If we were both busy like me, we'd never have time for each other," he says. I am becoming like him though. I don't think that'll cut in to our time, but I wonder if he'll worry. Maybe it's best I not tell him anything.  

Now I'm also debating whether or not to go out and buy new clothes so I can at least attempt to resemble students here, or if I should just continue doing my own thing. 
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I can't remember how old I was the first time I ever wore a Yukata or a Kimono, but I do remember how uncomfortable it felt having my friend's aunt dress me, pulling me this way and that, tugging here and pulling there. I remember thinking "Oh God, I can barely move. How am I supposed to do this?" and I remember my friend's boyfriend snapping pictures as I stood there with a complete look of confusion and fear on my face. Now, I wasn't a stranger to Japanese wear. I had seen many girls walk around donning their cute colors, and had seen different styles in magazines. I'd always thought it was cute and even owned two myself, but had never had the courage to try it myself. 

Until the day I misunderstood something that was said to me and I was forced to give it a go. Ao's mom decided we'd go to a festival being held in Nagoya, which meant we "had" to dress up. I now know you don't actually have to, but at the time, I knew nothing, so I just stood there and endured it to the best of my ability. Once they were done, I found it almost impossible to sit and walk and despite all the things I was wearing, I felt naked somehow. It was definitely an unusual feeling. Even though it was hard for me to walk most of the night, I got used to not actually being able to breath and had quite a bit of fun. 

I thought that it was a rental at first, but in the end, they told me to keep it! So it was another to add to my collection =) 

Since then, I've gotten dressed many more times and now, I feel relatively comfortable in such clothing, though I definitely wouldn't make a habit out of wearing it every day. I've even come to appreciate the fact that someone can help you get in to it. When Ao's aunt first did it for me way back when, I was horrified, almost, but now, I don't mind. It's part of the fun. 

I have a bunch of magazines I need to look through in order to pick a new kimono for the new years. Take's mom advised I look in to something red, since I don't own one yet and because she thinks it would suit me. I told her I wasn't sure if I had the money for a new one this time around and she told me not to worry about it, so I'm guessing it's going to be a gift? Such expensive gifts...  But if she HAS to get me something, I would love: 

Anyway, I recently started reading a new blog about a woman who incorporates kimono and yukata in to her daily life as much as possible. I'm amazed at how confident  she is in her wear despite the fact that her current location doesn't really call for it, especially on a daily basis. I need to learn from her. I've always been shy about what I really enjoy and tend to do my best to simply blend in with the others. That has to stop. I should enjoy what I like, even if it does make me stand out a bit. Now, I'm not saying I want to run around in Japanese wear all the time. As I've said, this is something I just wouldn't feel physically comfortable doing. It means I want to mimic her ability to do what makes her smile and feel beautiful despite the norms around her. 

But why should I feel embarrassed about practicing things I enjoy if they in no way, shape, or form, harm others? 
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 Goukons= Group dates, Nomikais= Drinking parties, Sadou=Tea Ceremonies

When I first moved to Japan, my entertainment consisted mostly of Goukons, Nomikais, and Sadou. Drinking and dancing with the boys, that's where the fun was at. I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the actual Japanese culture. My boyfriend at the time didn't mind, since his friend thought it was so cool he had a wild girlfriend. Every weekend consisted of goukons and nomikais with neighboring schools.

We broke up only two months after my arrival.

Some months after that, I began dating Take. He never asked me to stop partying, but it was obvious he didn't approve. I began to explore other things such as Karaoke, Bentou making, and Kendo. Surprisingly, the most interesting turned out to be Sadou

I began by working on my Japanese and reading as many books as I could with Take's as well as my roommate's help. I began sitting in on the Sadou-club meetings to help myself get more used to being in such a calm setting. Eventually, I was able to visit real Tea Houses without a problem and began frequenting a tea house a friend of mine often went to in Chiba. 

The ladies spoke to me as though I had a clear understanding of the Japanese language. It was a bit hard to follow at times, but they were really patient with me and helped me along. It did wonders for my Japanese! Spending time with these ladies helped spark my interest in Kimono as well as the Koto. Take's mom rewarded my giving up the clubbing life for something "more lady-like" by buying me a yukata, then later on buying me a new kimono for the new year. Getting involved with Sadou was one of the best things I could have done. Not only did it please my new boyfriend and his family, but it taught me a lot about Japanese culture and inspired further change within myself. I admired these classy ladies and wanted to be like them. 

The following pictures are from my last time at the house. 

(I realized from this picture that I had horrible posture! This was actually me sitting straight! Now, I've fixed my posture and no longer have back pain ^^) 

Many of my old friends began distancing themselves as my interest in Sadou and things related grew. Many of them were still very much in to drinking and partying. However, the ladies were kind enough to introduce me to an entirely new group of people. I started growing up. It was around this time that Take asked me to transfer campuses to live with him in Osaka when he left. 

I've decided to take Shaimsen lessons again at the local culture center, even if only to feel a little closer to a time in my life I felt challenged and a little more alive.I had attempted to play the Koto but it proved to be too much of a challenge and instead  turned to the Shamisen. Having experience with a guitar, learning to play a Shamisen had been slightly easier. The woman I spoke to had been so surprised to hear me ask about Shamisen lessons that she offered to teach me for two months for a minimal one time fee! 

Whenever I meet new people and tell them I'm in to Sadou, they give me this unusual look. I met a guy not too long ago who assumed I was interested in Anime and Manga. I confessed to him that though there were a few series I still enjoy from long ago, I really had no idea about half of the things he mentioned. "Then," he asked me, "What do you like?" I told him one of my main interests was Sadou and he seemed genuinely surprised, telling me my type was rare. 

I don't think that we're rare...but I guess we're not as "easily seen?" 
I dunno. I know a lot of people who are in to it. I just don't get why it's considered rare. 

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I changed my layout in celebration of the new season. It's not the best, but I quite like it. It's simple and cute.  A few of my friends have been asking me to post both in English and Japanese so that they don't have to struggle through the English. It's pretty time consuming, but I'm considering it.


I'm a sucker for "Limited Edition Items," so as soon as I saw 31 Ice Cream's commercial for a Men in Black Limited Edition flavor, I absolutely had to have it. I told myself that if I could maintain my work out plan for two months, I'd allow myself to have it, and since I completed that goal yesterday, I had my reward for breakfast today!

The huge chunks of cheesecake made it a lot sweeter than I had expected it to be, but it was still quite enjoyable.So enjoyable that I almost regret splitting it with two other people!

A friend tried to guilt me over indulging in this little reward. "When you're on a diet, you can't eat things like this!" she told me, to which I replied, "I'm not dieting."  She seemed confused, and told me she had thought I was trying to lose weight. I am, and I know that sacrifices must be made in order to lose weight.  However, I do not believe in cutting out all of my favorite foods and snacks.  I believe in moderation. From the day I decided I wanted to live a healthier life, I've lost 31 kilos. Not once have I felt deprived. Many of my friends constantly complain about their cravings and then often end up splurging when they go out.  

For me, it's all about creating a healthy and active lifestyle I can maintain for more than a couple of months. Some people can completely cut sweets from their diets. I am not one of those people. These days, I rarely have cravings for such sweet things, but when I have a craving I simply can't get out of my system, I satisfy it with a small amount of what I'm craving. 
I exercise five days a week (six when I finish my to-do list on time!) for almost two hours a day and dance for almost 45 minutes on top of that. I don't think a splurge every two months, for example, is going to kill me. It anything, it works as a motivator. 

I used to be a yo-yo dieter, so at this point in the game, I may not be well educated on the best ways to lose weight, but I know quite a bit about what doesn't, and I can say with full confidence that making yourself miserable does not help.

Getting in shape and living healthy is not just a physical change. It's also a mental and emotional change. If you feel cranky and stressed, you won't be able to make the best decisions when it comes to this new life you want. 

Every time I try to explain this to my friends, they roll their eyes and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.Well, as I said, I may not be an expert but....I'm not the one sitting there making complaints about how difficult and stressful dieting is, am I? No, I'm the one eating a slice of cake while I browse through a magazine for a new size 4 dress.  

I've never met a guy who puts themselves through the same torture girls put themselves through to lose

EDIT: Some hours after I posted this, I went on to discuss diets with a friend, which led to a discussion about food in Japan vs. Food in the US.  

Where did this idea that all food in Japan is automatically healthier than food in the US? Their argument was that in the US, they eat certain things and get fat, but in Japan, they can eat whatever and not get fat. This has more to do with the lifestyle than the actual food itself, I feel. For instance. In Japan, you buy a burger at MOS burger. The size is considerably smaller than that of an American burger, so you feel you won't gain weight. The truth is, you'll most likely walk a lot of it off because well, you do a lot of walking in Japan. That's life. 

In the US, you order a burger and it's almost the size of your head. You eat it then get in your car, drive home, and complain that you've gained weight because American food is icky and that this would never happen in Japan. Wrong. Cut the burger in half and walk home. 

In my mind, the only real difference is that people in Japan do all the work for you. You eat smaller portions because they give you smaller portions. That doesn't mean you can't be an adult and control your own portions in your own country. You burn things off quickly in Japan because you walk a lot. You can't walk in your own country? The thing can. 

The same rules apply for every country, in my book. So, whenever I hear girls make the argument or go with the assumption that just by being in Japan, they'll be able to eat whatever they want and still lose weight, I feel totally confused. 

It feels to me like the issue isn't the food itself but more an issue of an individual's discipline. 

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It feels like every time I take a breath, another one of my friends announces they're pregnant. Every time I check an email, it usually goes something a long the lines of, "I haven't been up to much but my kid blah blah blah." My facebook feed is filled with pictures of children I've only met once or twice. I don't even remember what half my friends look like, but I'd be able to identify their child from a mile away. 

Now, I don't have a problem with that. I love kids, especially when they belong to other people. What I don't like however, is when these people tell me, "You're going to be so happy when you have your own child!" because the truth is that despite not having a child, I'm already pretty happy with my life. I may not have a child, but I also have no regrets in life. I don't need a child to feel like I've accomplished something amazing because I already feel that way. Whenever they say things like that to me, I feel like they're telling me that the life I live now really isn't that great and won't be until I have a toddler of my own running around. 

Maybe that's not their intention, but their constantly pushing that idea on me is making begin to feel like I need a child even though I don't particularly want one right now. I look forward to having a kid of my own some day, but it's really annoying having the idea of needing one to be happy seemingly shoved down my throat. 

So, why not just tell them that I don't appreciate the comment? I've thought of this, of course, and on both occasions that I've tried it, the answers I received were more or less along the lines of "You just don't get it now, but you will soon enough."  
I see. So, first I'm not happy and now I'm too stupid to get it. Apparently having a kid gives you magical powers? I really don't think it works that way at all. 

It's really sad that it's not kids themselves, but parents that are turning me away from wanting to become a mother myself some day.

Note: If any of my friends on my F-list who have recently had a baby or are expecting feel offended by this, I apologize. As I stated though, my issue is only with the annoying "new mothers" of the world =) 
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I received a comment yesterday, and this morning I woke up to a message from someone asking me just how I managed to stay in Japan for so long without a "Legal Visa," so I thought I'd write about it because I don't want people to think I'm one of those illegal girls who do whatever to stay in Japan. I also wanted to point out that: 

  I am not currently in Japan and will not be back there until December.   

This person is absolutely right and I in no way condone staying past your legally allowed time. So, I travel in and out of Japan on a student visa, despite the fact that I finished studying at my university in 2010. Uh oh. Isn't that illegal? It is. So why do I do it? Here we go. 

I spent a year studying at a school in Yokohama, and then, in order to live with my boyfriend, I requested to be transfered to one of my University's sister campuses in Osaka. I studied, he worked. After a while though, my savings began to run low (Despite the monthly scholarship I received,) because I was always shopping and drinking. I told my guy I wanted to earn my own money so I didn't have to borrow money from him. 

But Zia! You didn't have a workers Visa. You had a student Visa!  
This means I couldn't work unless it was either [A] A job on campus, [B] A job authorized by my school because it's somehow related to my major. My guy spoke to some friends and was able to find me a part-time job at one of his friend's parent's mom&pop restaurant. Before I accepted the offer, I spoke to my counselor to make sure I wouldn't get in to too much trouble. My request was approved and filed with both my school and the Immigration office. I worked 20 hours a week. 

Sure, it didn't make me rich, but it gave me enough to have my fun without having to bother people for money and it also allowed me to work on my Japanese .  
In February 2011, My SO and I had a fight over where our relationship was going and I left, deciding it was best to think things over without having to see him every day. My plan was vacation for a month and once I had a clear head and plan, go back to Osaka and work things through with him. However, then...Well, we all know what took place in March, and I lost him in a case of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time." (I went in to details on what happened when I restarted my blog, so I won't re-explain here, but if you need the deets for some reason, I'll go in to it.) I didn't return to Japan until May 2011. When I was re-entering the country, the man who checked my passport told me I was still on a student visa, so next time it would be better to just go through the other line for those re-entering, instead of the one for those entering for the first time. Since I had finished studying in February, I hadn't even considered my Visa was still useful. 

I explained this to the man. I explained that I had finished my term months prior, however, all the man did was point out my visa and point out the date on it. I nodded, thanked him and moved on. After that, I moved in and out of Japan three more times, using the student visa each time to enter. Not once did it pose to be a problem. 

+Working Visa: Never had one. 
+Spouse Visa: Not married, so...self explanatory=) 

+Student Visa: I was not currently studying, but as I was cleared by Immigration and Customs, *I* didn't enter illegally or stay illegally. 

Just to cover my own tail (As I always do), I spoke to one of my friends to find out if I was simply misunderstanding the situation with my Visa. He told me that there was still a small chance I could get in trouble, since technically I wasn't studying anymore, however, Immigration was usually more concerned with cracking down on people who stay past expired Visa dates than people who were still technically on a Visa. To be on the safe side, I did not work on these occasions.

"If there's a trick I don't know of how to stay in Japan without working, studying or being married,I'd surely love to know about that!" 
(And from the message I received) "I'd love to know how you make it work! I really wanna live in Japan but I don't think I can get a long visa and I don't wanna get pregnant just to stay!" 

You could save, save, save all your money and then go there on a tourist visa, then live under the radar, which I have seen many people do. Obviously I'm not serious about this, but it's a way to do it =) Aside from that, I have no idea how. I've never actually lived in Japan without working or Studying. 
Don't get pregnant. That's stupid. If you really want to live there, get an education, study abroad, find legal means to do it. No matter what you think, living there illegally has the same draw-back as living illegally in the US or any country. 

My current Visa expires next year. In order to re-new it, I need to find a job or simply keep a tourist visa. While in the US, I've been re-thinking what I actually want and what actually needs to be done. In December, I will go back and begin piecing my Japan life back together. 

Anyway: Point of the post. 
Don't be a jerk and make the rest of us foreigners look bad. Thanks. 
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What a relaxing day it's been!

Being extremely productive throughout the week definitely has it's good points. I've been using my planner now more than ever and have been getting things done faster than I thought I ever could. I woke up early, worked out, cleaned the house and now, I'm sitting in my parent's living room with my feet soaking in the foot massager, watching TV shows I haven't seen in ages. For the first time in a long time, I have a day to myself, and it feels great

R sent me some clips he filmed in New York, so I combined them and loaded them on to youtube. At some point, I want to load my own videos, but since mine are a lot longer and would take more time to go through, it probably won't get done any time soon. 


Apparently, I don't have to plan the August vacation. Kaz told me he took care of everything. I'm waiting for him to e-mail me the itinerary so I can make sure everything makes sense and that all the necessary things such as hotel reservations and transportation have been reserved and confirmed.  I'm pretty excited and I don't even know where we're going yet

Before that, I really need to get my photo collection re-organized. I love printing my photos and putting them in to decorated albums. I haven't organized any of my pictures since March, and I still have about 150 photos (Photos from when my BFF came to see me, Photos from when M, came down and the New York pictures( I still need to print. Hopefully, I can get that done before August, or I'll have to add those vacation pictures to my list as well. It's a lot cheaper and less time consuming to keep pictures stored online, I guess, but there is a certain satisfaction I get from having the photos in my hand as opposed to on a computer screen. 

I've been working out in the morning these days and it's something I should have done a lot sooner. Not only do I have more energy to exercise compared to when I work out at night, but I feel great through-out the day. I measured myself again this morning and I've gone down quite a few inches all over. I'm also more toned, so there is definitely change taking place, despite the number on the scale still being the same. If I keep this new lifestyle up, I'll lose all the weight I gained when Take depression hit in, in about three months. 

These days, my work out consists of a 2mile run, a 2 mile uphill walk, 10 minutes yoga, 20 minutes weight training. I also stopped eating anything after 6:30-7:00.  I also allow myself to have all the things I've been craving through-out the week. 

M wants to take me somewhere I've never been once I move back to Japan. I really want to visit Hokkaido, but it's not exactly a cheap trip and I'm not sure how to bring it up. I'll try to save up as much as I can so that when I bring it up, I can promise to front half the bill. I know I said I wanted to leave things as they were between M and I, since things are going so well, but I'm really starting to wonder where he and I are headed. 
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It's only noon and I'm already itching for the day to end. I found out my sister is engaged--through someone else. I'm not jealous or anything. I'm just really annoyed that I had to find out through a third person. When I tell family that my sister and I don't speak, they always look at me in shock and ask why we don't. She's the one blocking me out, and although I don't care anymore, it is really annoying that people keep acting as though it's my fault. Everyone tells me to invite her to visit me in Osaka...But my sister won't even invite me to her place in Hawaii while I'm in the US. What makes them think she'll want to spend time with me across the globe? 

Anyway, after I finished ranting to my BFF about that, I logged on to livejournal to catch up with people who actually matter, and I see that apparently, I was over my bandwitdth limit with photobucket, and everything was basically gone. I paid for more bandwidth for just this month, since it resets itself on the 22nd of this month. It's  funny how much this account has come to mean to me. My heart nearly dropped when I saw everything was down. 

Where do you store pictures and such? 


It was far less rushed than our first few days. 


Our day started off at Hard Rock. R had known about Hard Rock--the museum--but hadn't known that it was actually a cafe, so as soon as I told him, he decided we'd eat there. He ordered this huge burger ( I swear it was a full cow!), I ordered salmon and vegetables, and we split Nachos and desert. We ended up getting so full that we actually didn't eat anything else the entire day. The waiter we had kept crowding us, coming back every few minutes to ask if we needed anything else. He'd show up after what felt like every three bites. It kind of made it a little hard for R and I to have any real conversation.....

He told us he was bored and needed something to do every time he came back. You know, had I ever said "I'm bored," at my old job, my boss would have found so many things for me to do, I would have dropped from exhaustion. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that Hard Rock Cafe's salmon is the best salmon ever in existence. Having lived in Sitka, where the economy was run by Salmon fishing, I've had my fair share of fish, so I can confidently say this fish takes the cake. Go out. Buy it. Eat it. Enjoy it. I enjoyed it so much I could barely walk after we finished eating, so R dragged me off to see the Chelsea Market. We regretted getting so full at Hard Rock because there were so many delicious things to eat there. I told R I didn't care about gaining weight and that I could easily tackle that Elmo cake as long as I had a bit of milk, but in all honesty, I couldn't eat another bite without knowing I'd pop. 
Being our last day in New York, we wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary, so R said we'd go to Blue Note, which is apparently a famous jazz club for Japanese people. The music and drinks were amazing. R told me he thought I was beautiful and kept asking me if I wanted another drink as soon as I finished one. I worried he would try to take things to the next level (which I didn't want) but surprisingly, he was a complete gentleman through and through. 

New York was so much fun! R kept saying he'd love to live there. I loved it too, but I know that if I were to move there, I'd grow to hate it. We plan on going back again sometime in the future. This time however, we'd like to go during the summer so we can hit Coney Island.

Oh, I woke up this morning to work out. When I turned my TV on, one of my favorite TV shows was on. I won't say what show it was or what it was about. I'll only leave you with an image. I'm sure you'll figure it out =) 

Boy Meets World Pictures, Images and Photos
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Every time someone hears that I blog on Livejournal, they roll their eyes and say "Well, whenever you feel like blogging seriously, join blogger." What exactly is "blogging seriously," anyway? Blogging for fame? I don't get it. In any case, it reminded me that I really want a new layout....


Even though I told her to take the day to go out and spend time with my dad for Mother's day, she still came back to bring me food, thinking I'd starve here on my own. The beauty of it? The "food" is actually just a bunch of cakes, puddings, and cookies. She knows I'm on a diet. I know she knows. That's why she had that grin on her face as she handed me the tray. I see what you did there mom. I see it. I ended up eating the rice pudding and a piece of cake. They were so good! 

I need to learn how to add videos to my posts There has to be a less annoying way than uploading to youtube first.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! 

1 Hour cardio: Alternating between hill walks and running. 
30 Minute Muscle training 
20 Minutes Yoga. 

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Tomorrow is Mother's day, so I decided that today, while my mother was out getting her hair done, I'd clean the entire house. It was a lot more work than I had expected it to be...But in the end it was very worth it. The house looks great! Tomorrow, mom and dad will go out together and I'll stay home doing something or other. Mom wanted me to spend the day with her since I've been out of the country for the past few Mother's days, but I really want my parents to finally have a Mother's day on their own to go do couple-stuff. 

I gave mom her present early. My mom loves Disney, so I've always made sure to give her different Disney items for Mother's day. Last year, I gave her a Minnie/Mickey mug set (Which she still hasn't used! She only puts them on her collection shelf!). This year, I got her a Lion King snow globe. 


I saw the globe when R and I went to see the Lion King Broadway musical while in New York, although I had thought it was perfect for my mom, I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to actually buy it, since it was $30.00. In the end, R convinced me to buy it and he seemed pretty proud when I told him how happy mom was with it. 

So. Broadway. R had been dying to see a show on Broadway and I had been dying to see the Lion King, so we got tickets as soon as we could. Each ticket was $145.00. R ended up paying for the tickets with his card, but I ended up giving him cash later. He used the cash to then take me to dinner, so I guess I still owe him?The show, for the most part, was pretty enjoyable. I had been excited to get seats so close to the stage. However, the woman in front of me was wearing this hideously large hat that blocked quite a bit of my view of the left side of the stage. Grrr.....! R offered to switch seats with me, but I didn't want him to miss out. Anyway, it was still pretty great. The music was AMAZING. 

Before going to Broadway, we went to Little Italy! By now, R was confident enough in his English to do all the ordering and such himself! 
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DAY 3:  


We went to the World Trade Center memorial Park. They weren't done building the 1WTC, but it was still pretty enough! The museum wasn't done either but they had different things recovered from Ground Zero in the gift shop. 

There were so many people there, but it was so quiet. The loudest sound was the sound of the waterfalls...

After visiting 1WTC, we went to Century 21. When I saw the entrance to the store, I got excited because it looked so cool, but when I went in, I was actually pretty disappointed. The store was very big, but it was also very crowded, stuffy, the staff was rude, the clothes looked like things out of a flea market, and everything was way over priced. While R shopped around, I left and went to go get Pizza, then Starbucks, then sat outside for about an hour waiting. 

We walked around a bit, did some more shopping and sight seeing....

........and then headed back to Brooklyn to see the amazing night view of the city. We also went to a bar in R's guide book, ate, and got a little tipsy. We ended up drinking about $100.00 worth of drinks. 

In other news, something weird happened today. I've been using the same face wash for the past two months and it's been working just fine. Today, after washing my face, I suddenly started breaking out! Looking now, there are about 12 spots. They don't itch or burn or anything but ugh....I don't want to look at my face. Maybe it's time to switch my face wash. 




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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