Sep. 22nd, 2012

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I'm back! 
........and completely exhausted!

My mini-vacation with Mugen** ended at around 6am yesterday, and this morning, I woke up at around 4am to take my mother to the airport for her trip to Hawaii. It seems like people are constantly coming and going in my life. 

There are a lot of things I need to do, but I've decided to take at least today off to completely recover. Tomorrow, I'll start tackling everything full force! Packing, cleaning, preparing documents, training.... and next month, I'm still supposed to go on another trip to see my best friend and celebrate my birthday early, but nothing's been confirmed as of yet. 

Anyway, The mini-vacation! 

We sometimes got irritated with each other and even had an argument. The argument we had were caused mostly by cultural differences and my having high expectations. At a certain point though, I got the feeling that he just simply enjoyed arguing with me. We got over it quickly though and had a lot of fun going to new places. I even faced and conquered a few more of my fears! 
My muscles hurt and I'm quite sun-burnt (I don't understand how he didn't burn as badly as I did, while I used sunblock and he used tanning oil). Yes, we definitely had a good time! 

I'll post more pictures of our vacation soon! I need to sort through everything first. I also want to catch up on everyone's journals! Until then, if something major has happened in your life since I've been gone, feel free to share or point me towards the entries! ^^





"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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