Jun. 24th, 2012

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My friend and I went to: 

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According to the news, it was supposed to rain all day, but we still decided to spend the entire day at Disney. 
Aside from maybe 20 minutes, we had good weather all day! 

Was that the reporter's mistake or Disney Magic

We started the day by exploring Hollywood Studios. After seeing Lion King on Broadway in New York, I fell in love with watching live performances, so I always make sure to catch a show or two, but didn't get around to it this time. Instead we focused on the attractions. We did Rock n' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Wars 4D Adventure. For the first time ever, I was able to keep my eyes open through Tower of Terror! 

After Hollywood Studios, we headed to Magic Kingdom to try and stalk some princesses and eat some yummy snacks. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the princesses were taking a break from their oh-so-exhausting life of riches and royalty, so we weren't able to get any pictures with them, but we did manage to catch sight of the new princess from BRAVE, and a show with my one true love--Peter Pan

We had a major LOL moment when we were leaving Cinderella's castle. You're supposed to enter on the left side, leave on the right. However, people were entering from both directions, so it was impossible to get to the right side to leave. I got fed up and grabbed my friend and dragged her through the crowd and a bunch of people snapped at me for cutting them off. As we were walking out, I told my friend, "It's not that complicated. Why can't Americans get it? Left is in, right is out. There are even signs. Anyway, if they're not going to play nice, neither am I." A man in of us turned and asked where we were from. My friend told him I was from Japan and she was from Puerto Rico. He laughed and told me I had guts for saying that out loud. He was from Canada and he had been thinking the same thing I had but hadn't dared to say it. We just all started laughing over it. 

There was a lot of construction going on. Disney is apparently adding an entire new village and two new castles to the Magic kingdom.  We decided that Disney was going to expand to the point that Florida residents were going to be living inside these little villages. 

After Magic Kingdom, we went to Epcot. So much happened there that it deserves a post all to itself.
The rain is insane right now, the power is flashing and a flood warning has been issued so I'm going to go help secure some things in case of a flood. 




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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