May. 28th, 2012

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 Goukons= Group dates, Nomikais= Drinking parties, Sadou=Tea Ceremonies

When I first moved to Japan, my entertainment consisted mostly of Goukons, Nomikais, and Sadou. Drinking and dancing with the boys, that's where the fun was at. I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the actual Japanese culture. My boyfriend at the time didn't mind, since his friend thought it was so cool he had a wild girlfriend. Every weekend consisted of goukons and nomikais with neighboring schools.

We broke up only two months after my arrival.

Some months after that, I began dating Take. He never asked me to stop partying, but it was obvious he didn't approve. I began to explore other things such as Karaoke, Bentou making, and Kendo. Surprisingly, the most interesting turned out to be Sadou

I began by working on my Japanese and reading as many books as I could with Take's as well as my roommate's help. I began sitting in on the Sadou-club meetings to help myself get more used to being in such a calm setting. Eventually, I was able to visit real Tea Houses without a problem and began frequenting a tea house a friend of mine often went to in Chiba. 

The ladies spoke to me as though I had a clear understanding of the Japanese language. It was a bit hard to follow at times, but they were really patient with me and helped me along. It did wonders for my Japanese! Spending time with these ladies helped spark my interest in Kimono as well as the Koto. Take's mom rewarded my giving up the clubbing life for something "more lady-like" by buying me a yukata, then later on buying me a new kimono for the new year. Getting involved with Sadou was one of the best things I could have done. Not only did it please my new boyfriend and his family, but it taught me a lot about Japanese culture and inspired further change within myself. I admired these classy ladies and wanted to be like them. 

The following pictures are from my last time at the house. 

(I realized from this picture that I had horrible posture! This was actually me sitting straight! Now, I've fixed my posture and no longer have back pain ^^) 

Many of my old friends began distancing themselves as my interest in Sadou and things related grew. Many of them were still very much in to drinking and partying. However, the ladies were kind enough to introduce me to an entirely new group of people. I started growing up. It was around this time that Take asked me to transfer campuses to live with him in Osaka when he left. 

I've decided to take Shaimsen lessons again at the local culture center, even if only to feel a little closer to a time in my life I felt challenged and a little more alive.I had attempted to play the Koto but it proved to be too much of a challenge and instead  turned to the Shamisen. Having experience with a guitar, learning to play a Shamisen had been slightly easier. The woman I spoke to had been so surprised to hear me ask about Shamisen lessons that she offered to teach me for two months for a minimal one time fee! 

Whenever I meet new people and tell them I'm in to Sadou, they give me this unusual look. I met a guy not too long ago who assumed I was interested in Anime and Manga. I confessed to him that though there were a few series I still enjoy from long ago, I really had no idea about half of the things he mentioned. "Then," he asked me, "What do you like?" I told him one of my main interests was Sadou and he seemed genuinely surprised, telling me my type was rare. 

I don't think that we're rare...but I guess we're not as "easily seen?" 
I dunno. I know a lot of people who are in to it. I just don't get why it's considered rare. 




"An ugly duckling growing out of her feathers."

Hello. I'm Zia, and this is most obviously my journal. I write about my life between Japan and the US, and all the adventures I find myself in. People often say they are envious of the life I seem to live, but the truth is, I feel a little unsatisfied with it myself, so I've decided to do something about it--to find what really makes me happy. Hopefully by documenting my life, I can figure out where I need to be heading. This journal is my way of opening my world to those around me in hopes of meeting people searching for the same thing or encountering people who have already gone through this kind of struggle. 

Back in my high school days, I used to be a bit of a nerd. I was really in to comic books of all kinds, action figures...all that jazz.  These days, though my interest in comic books re-surfaces every so often, I'm very much more in to things like fashion, dance, music, travel, tea, baking, writing letters, photography, animals and fitness. I'm a straight shooter--meaning I do not (or rather, can not?) lie. Keeping up with lies is too much trouble. 

Anyway, there is more information about me on my profile. Feel free to take a look there or catch me on another site★


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